Lane Support Systems are a term used by the NCAP to describe advanced driver-assist systems. We’ll explain you what they are without the unnecessary jargon.
Before you go on vacation or a road trip, make sure you tick off the Motorama Pre Tip Checklist.
The price of fuel is one of the main running costs of your car – and the one that you can rely on to be a regular charge on your weekly budget. How much is too much to pay for fuel?
E10 fuel is often the cheapest option at the petrol station. But what makes it so cheap, and is it good for your car?
When refuelling your car you have a wide range of fuel to choose from, so what fuel is the best to use?
Have you ever wondered why your fuel consumption might not be what your car’s Fuel Consumption Label says it should be? Let us break it down for you.
Toyota has launched their myToyota app, filled with handy options. The best part is probably the build in fuel discount, but there is much more.
If you’re exploring Queensland these holidays, you always want to find the site away from the crowds. For your next adventure, the Motorama 4X4XMORE team found the left-field options that can get you into the ultimate holiday spots.
Sometimes there are just some things you can't avoid when driving out on the roads, such as tyre punctures, traffic accidents, windscreen cracks and dead batteries. So to save needing to be waving down motorists on the side of the road, there are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for such situations.
Queensland is awash with holiday destinations, literally, down the road. We took the scenic route to discover the best way to roadtrip.
Hitting the road for the holidays? You’ll want to stay connected online to check in with friends and family.We’ve got the guide to keep you on Instagram and Facebook.
The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you have to travel. Before you get on the road, read our guide on arriving safely and stress-free.
If you’re planning a driving holiday for the school holiday's now’s the time to make sure your cars up to the trip. There are several simple preventative maintenance checks which could help you avoid potential mechanical mishaps on your journey. Here are some basic safety checks that everyone can do.
Whether you’re going all out for the school holidays, or just hitting the road for a weekend getaway: you can never over-plan. We found the planning tools to help you make the most of your adventure.
Heading off for a holiday with kids? Here are some activities for the road that will make the trip go a little quicker.
When the holidays hit, it’s time to hitch up the caravan and get on the road. Before you go, you need to make sure it’s safe to get there and back.
But before you set off to buy the biggest and best boat or caravan – ask yourself (and your salesperson) a few questions so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.
The time has never been better to get out on the open road for a weekend drive. With that in mind we’ve put together a shortlist of some of Brisbane's best driving roads for you to make that scenic escape.
Not all safety tests are created equal, not even if they’re all done by the ANCAP. That is why they want to apply new rating standards to ageing cars.
When you buy your car you want it to be as safe as possible. But each year, Australia’s independent safety advocate tightens the restrictions to make sure new cars are getting safer.
Either we don't care or we don't know, but we break the rules constantly. Here's a list of the 5 road rules Brisbane drivers break on a daily basis.
Commuting around Brisbane can turn a good day into a stressful one. We took a look at three apps that will take the hassle out of your drive to and from work.
When you get into the dealership, you’ll often be ushered in to speak to the finance team, even if you’re not quite sure what car you want yet. We took a look at dealer finance from behind the office door.
Going into Brisbane City with your car, not only do you have to squeeze into a basement carpark – but also budget for a small fortune to leave your vehicle in there. If you’re taking your 4X4 into town, we found the best parking spots to keep your rig.
Finding car parks in the CBD in Brisbane can be a challenge, especially trying to park somewhere on the cheap. We’ve rounded up a couple of the best, bargain Brisbane City parking spots that will keep your car safe and won’t break the bank.
Have you ever come back to your car to find an expensive little ticket on your windscreen? We’ve tracked down the most common ways that parkers get fined, so you know what to look out for next time your battling it out for a legal park.
If you’ve faced the dreaded red & blue lights in the rear view mirror, you’ll know that there’s rarely ever a compliment on your driving about to come.
So you’ve booked a table at a fancy restaurant, got some schmick new duds and a styling new haircut – ready to hit the town. But before you pull up outside their house, dressed to impress – take a little bit of time to care for your car, so it doesn’t become your last date.
Dirt, rain and other external factors won’t change your admiration for your new purchase, but will make it lose some of its shine! Therefore, to keep your car looking its very best you’ll have to give it some TLC and a good wash.
Maintaining a clean car inside and out and you might help keep it safe as well - any liquid spills within your car, left unattended, can cause corrosion and rust from the inside. With a lot more areas to cover in the car's interior than the outside, it can be tricky making sure everything is covered.
Leather seats can make any car instantly feel more luxurious, look amazing, as well as more comfortable. However, just like the exterior of your car, you have to care for it. This involves caring, cleaning and conditioning your leather.
After a busy few days of work, dropping off and picking up the kids from school you’re now on the way to soccer practice but all of a sudden your fuel light has come on. Will you make it?
If your car has a push button start, what happens if you can’t get it started? We took a look at what happens if your key fob can’t get you moving.
It’s easy to be a confident driver on a nice sealed road with not much traffic. But what about when the conditions suddenly change?
A lot of people are talking about Digital Radio. Whether you’re on the eight ball or have never even heard of the service before, we'll provide you with the info about the revolutionary digital radio that you need to know to make the most of it. Your car might even be compatible!
ISOFIX has been allowed in Australia as a standard for child seats for almost five years now. Why is it a safer alternative and what makes ISOFIX compliant seats different?
So that your next road trip doesn’t compromise on any creature comforts, we have found three of the best Australian apps to support you through your next cross-country adventure.
Are you in the know when it comes to CTP insurance? If not, our guide will get you up to scratch.
We all want to bring our four legged friend with us while travelling, but do you know how to properly care for your pet while it is in the car with you?
Every car, new or used, sold by a dealership in Australia is covered by a warranty, either by the manufacturer or by the government to stop people getting scammed.
Before you report a dangerous driver or plan to cut through traffic, make sure you know the new laws concerning lane splitting.
You go to head off in the morning, but your windscreen is completely fogged up. How do you solve it quickly? It’s not the way you might think.
Stuck for places to go with your other half? Left it too late to reserve anything but the drive-through at Maccas?
School’s back for another year, so that means 40 zones are in effect in the morning and afternoons. Whether you’re doing the school run or just driving through – make sure you stay even more alert around schools.
Brisbane City Council’s ‘left turn on red’ campaign to reduce traffic congestion for commuters has been a wild success at the five intersections implemented so far.
Did you know that you don’t need to have a rego label in your window anymore? Yes, you do still need to register your car, motorcycle, trailer or caravan but from October 1, 2014 the Queensland Government doesn’t need to see a sticker on your windshield to check if your vehicle is registered.
Headlights are some of those things that everyone needs to use, every time it’s dark. Most of the time driving at night and using your headlights is a worry free and simple operation, that is until someone appears behind you with their headlights blinding you via your rear view mirror.
In what is a debatably positive move, Brisbane is currently trialling left turns through red lights at five intersections throughout the South-East.
Whether it’s by making a few smart changes or buying new cars in Brisbane, find out how your automobile can help look after the earth.
Whether the car is your daily drive or you’re ferrying home a friend in their vehicle, taking a minute to adjust your car mirrors correctly is worthwhile.
Anyone who's ever suffered from travel sickness will know how debilitating it can be, and how quickly it can derail a road trip.
How much boot space do you have? Your little one comes with a lot more baggage then you think, including a pram and baby bag for starters. Will you have enough room for your shopping too? Make a note of these top car accessories to 'baby-proof' your car.
If you've been considering purchasing a GPS, there are a few things you need to know in order to use your system effectively. With that in mind, here is our beginner's guide to GPS navigation technology.
The number of different transmissions on the market seems to be increasing year on year and while they all do effectively the same thing, transferring engine power to the wheels, what makes them all different? Let’s take a look.
Accidents happen, and the chances are at some point in your life you’ll be involved or exposed to one in a car. This is a guide for you on what to do after a car accident, so keep calm and buckle up.
The side effect of driving fast don't only affect your safety, but also impact your vehicle. The experts at our service centre can assess those, but it’s also important to keep an eye out yourself.
Whenever we think of safety and vehicle testing, the plastic family of four crash test dummies springs to mind. So what do these crash test dummies actually do? What is their purpose?
We've assembled a few of our favourite driving apps here for you to check out.
Whenever you park your car at home, at the shops or at work, you hope that your car is secure enough to make sure it doesn’t get broken into or stolen.
Here are a few tips for using your high beams. Take the time to read up on these and make sure you keep them in mind the next time you are driving at night.
Bad weather seems to be heading our way and that means decreased visibility when driving. Let's have a look at what you can do to avoid loud windscreen wipers that skip, and don't wipe your windscreen like they should.
one of the downsides of living in such a warm climate is that sometimes you might find yourself stuck in a hot car and dying for a bit of cool breeze or fresh air.