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5 Things To Do Before Taking Delivery Of Your Car

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5 Things To Do Before Taking Delivery Of Your Car

You've signed on the dotted line and you'll be on the road in no time! Before you get going, we wanted to just give you a few quick tips.​


✓ Make sure you update your car's insurance policy. If they haven't already, our Business Managers can give you a market competitive quote for comprehensive motor vehicle cover.

It is really important to ensure that your car has insurance cover from the moment you sign for it, and drive on the road.

As long as your car is registered, your QLD CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance) will cover you for any injuries caused to other road users, if you're at fault in a motor vehicle accident, anywhere in Australia.

It is well worth considering Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance - this covers you for accident damage, fire and theft, and damage to other people's cars or property. This cover typically extends to anyone else driving, as long as they meet age requirements, and are nominated prior to the insurer.

Most insurers will give you a 14 or 21 day period cover note, which will ensure you have insurance coverage from the start of your ownership.

At Motorama, we retail thousands of cars a year, and our team will be able to also give you an obligation free, market competitive quote for comprehensive motor vehicle cover. Make sure you ask!


✓ Have you thought about roadside assistance? If you have it already with your previous car, don't forget to transfer this to your new car. We can also help you out with Roadside Assistance quote if required. If you buy a Pre-Owned car from Motorama you'll automatically receive 12 months complimentary Roadside Assistance; just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and you're sorted.

Each year, 1 in 3 drivers rely on roadside assistance to rescue them. Whether you have a flat battery, need a tyre changed, or need emergency fuel, you need the service to get you back on the road. There are usually different levels of cover, including premium options that give you access to a wide range of additional travel benefits, so there is always a roadside assistance to suit the way you drive.

✓ Crossing the Go Between Bridge Toll Bridge or going through the Clem Jones Tunnel? Don't forget to change your registration, make & model details through Linkt so your new car will be clear on the tolls.

Regular toll road users should consider opening an account with a toll payment provider. If you drive on a toll road, and did not arrange payment before travel or pay your toll within 3 days, the vehicle’s registered owner will receive an unpaid toll notice from that toll road’s payment provider. This notice may also include additional fees. The notice will include instructions on how to pay.


✓ Planning to sell your old car? Motorama are always looking to buy more cars - in any condition. If you haven't already, we can take a look at your current vehicle and give you an obligation free quote on how much it might be worth - it could save you a lot of time and effort to sell it direct to us.

Selling your vehicle privately takes time, effort and will actually therefore cost you. Think about the steps you’ve got to go through: get a road worthy certificate and any repairs that are required to meet the safety standards. Then you need to advertise the car (online) and so you need to take some good looking photos of your car. Once you’ve got a potential customer you need to take him or her for a test drive, negotiate the price and finally transfer the registration over to them.

When selling to a dealer you just drive it in. The only thing you need to bring is the required documentation, which you can check on our ‘Million Dollar Buying Drive’ site. In 30 minutes you’ll walk out with the money in your bank account. No appointment necessary and haggle free.

✓ Standard number plate combination not cool enough or the white and red not matching the colour of your new car? Create a plate at the Personalised Plates Queensland website to fit your lifestyle and vehicle!

Personalised Plates are a way to celebrate each and every one of us. We love that every personalised plate has a character behind it and a story to tell. Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) works with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to bring you our range of Personalised Plates, and they're a proud supporter of the Australian Road Safety Foundation’s road safety initiatives across the state. With as many plates as there are Queenslanders, it’s your PPQ.

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