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Why You Should Service At A Dealership

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Why You Should Service At A Dealership

In relatively short space of time the vehicles we drive today have changed from basically just having a chassis, four wheels and a steering wheel to each manufacturer putting in their own individual, specialized management systems for the engine, gearbox, electronics and safety features. This of course benefits the cars they produce greatly, but makes working on them and doing any repairs a lot more complicated. That's why it's so important you bring your vehicle to a specialized and accredited dealership with factory trained technicians. Here's three very good reasons why.


It all started with engine management and a big plastic cover over the engine bay. No more easy fixes when a light in the dashboard comes on - you need to bring it to a dealership to get the fault diagnosed before any repairs can be done (unless it's anything obvious of course). Then all sorts of other electronics got added in the mix, making the diagnostics even more complicated. Your local mechanic probably won't have the tools to determine what's wrong with your vehicle.

One particular system which has had a huge growth in complexity is the multitude of vehicle safety systems i.e. pre-collision, autonomous braking, lane keep assist, just to name a few. With these specialized complex systems come the relevant specialized diagnostic equipment to keep all these systems running harmoniously and the up-to-date information and factory training experience to efficiently work on the variety of models currently available today.

It is becoming more and more necessary to be specialized and thus the factory trained technician of the dealership has this advantage.


From a warranty repair angle there is also a great advantage to have work done at an authorized factory dealership; it might even be your only option. If a car is serviced within a dealership it will maintain the vehicles warranty integrity - but if it is serviced with an unauthorized mechanic it may require more proof of servicing history, parts used, etc to get some warranty assistance. Providing that the parts used (if non genuine) did not cause the issue. You also get a service guarantee: the same price at every factory dealership on the same car for the same service - which is not a guarantee with an outside provider.


At an authorized dealership you can rest assured that genuine parts are used every time. This includes the correct type of oil (as per manufacturers recommendations) and any other moving parts that are very delicate. Next to this you can count on factory trained technicians that each have their specialty and compliment each other within our state-of-the-art workshops. As an added bonus a dealership checks for any outstanding recalls or campaigns on the vehicle and have techs that are aware and have access to any updated information from the factory.


Most vehicles built today have complex diagnosis systems that are always monitoring the car and its systems for issues. Many of these vehicles have warning lights and messages that appear on the dashboard. Ultimately, it's really up to you to be mindful when symptoms of car problems arise. You’ll need to be aware of strange lights on the dashboard, unusual smells or sounds, and anything else questionable that may not have warning indicators.

It's definitely time to visit Motorama Tyre & Service when there is squawking and grinding when you hit the brake pedal, or if you hear clicking, tapping and knocking while the engine is running. This is a sign that you need to have your car looked at immediately.

Motorama Tyre & Service can cater for any make or model and have specialized technicians on site. Our minor service starts from just $169 for a passenger vehicle. We have locations at Moorooka, Springwood and Browns Plains.

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