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Dealership Car Finance 101

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Dealership Car Finance 101

When you get into the dealership, you’ll often be ushered in to speak to the finance team, even if you’re not quite sure what car you want yet.

We took a look at dealer finance from behind the office door.

Getting into a car is a big deal: a large commitment of time to research what kind of car you want, then weeks of scrolling through the listings online before hitting the pavement to find the perfect model for you – whether that’s a new or a used car.


When you walk into a bank, you’re one of hundreds or thousands of customers coming in that day – so there’s no need for the loan officer to negotiate particularly hard in determining your rate or repayments.

Third party lenders are a little more inclined to get you locked into finance, but because they’re not as big as a bank, they often don’t have the wiggle room to give you the best rate without larger establishment fees and penalties.

Dealership finance, arguably, offers the middle ground with lending options backed by banks as well as factory finance, which our business managers will negotiate on your behalf in order to secure finance for your vehicle.

Carmakers are always looking for incentives to attract people into their showrooms – and often entice


Pre-approval on any loan is a weight off your mind knowing exactly how much you can spend, narrowing down your search for your car even more.

Most people will have a quick browse around for a car that they really want, before looking into their finance options. As a way to see what options are out there, its always an important part of research; but once you start to get a little more realistic about what you can afford – it tends to become a little harder to make a decision.

That’s why having pre-approval on an amount you can spend makes it one less thing to seek out when it comes down to putting the hard yards in hitting the pavement and looking out for the best deal on the types of cars that you’re looking for.

Motorama offers the convenience of pre-approval process online, which lets you spend more time looking for a vehicle that suits your lifestyle – whether that’s a hatchback to get around town, or a 4X4 to get you off-road; it’s far easier to shop when you don’t have to do mental mathematics on how you’re going to afford your next vehicle.


When you get your finance from a bank, there are usually limited options as to how you can repay your loan – their loan officers are usually busy underwriting cheques for everything from renovations to small business purchases to create flexible options – plus you’re hassled to refinance with that bank when you’re thinking about upgrading your vehicle within the loan period.

Because Motorama’s dealership financiers focus solely on automotive finance, we can focus on tailoring your loan to your needs: whether that’s a low-doc loan for sole traders or small businesses starting up who need to get on the road, or arranging for a payment holiday until your invoices come through over the Christmas period, or the start of the year.

Our Business Managers can draw up contracts that have your payments coming out in line with your pay – whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly – without any additional fees. They can also arrange to refinance your current car loan, taking into account any trade in values, to see if they can score you a better deal.

To get a clearer idea on your finance options, our Business Managers are always happy to chat – come into your nearest Motorama dealership in Moorooka, Browns Plains or Springwood to see if your car repayments could better suit your lifestyle.

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