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5 Things We Love About the Next-Gen Ford Ranger

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5 Things We Love About the Next-Gen Ford Ranger


The new Next-Gen Ford Ranger has been on our showroom floor for a few weeks now - enough time for us to really check it out and enjoy some of the stand-out features. We thought we’d put together a short list of features that we’ve quickly grown to love in this rugged new generation Ute from Ford.

Here are our top five favourite things we love about the Next-Gen Ford Ranger!


​In terms of infotainment screens in the 4WD Ute and SUV market, it doesn’t get much bigger than this - in Australia at least. The vertical touchscreen display is your central hub for controlling Ford’s new SYNC 4A Infotainment System which now includes some fancy new features. 

On a practical level, we love that Ford has added a digital version of the Ranger’s owner's manual to the SYNC 4A system. It’s super convenient to have on hand when you’re attempting to use a new feature and the giant screen means you’ll have no trouble reading the text. 

You also have the ability to operate the zone lighting from here, which allows you to control specific lights around your Ranger individually. 

Our favourite thing about this new screen though would have to be the sketchpad feature. It’s not a particularly important feature of the ute but it’s certainly a fun one with the ability to write reminders for the next time you jump in your Ranger or draw a pretty picture for your significant other to find on their next commute.


​​Another feature of the Next-Gen Ford Ranger inspired by its larger American brothers is the practical rear box step built into the side of the Ranger’s rear tray. Plenty of other utes on the market have a step at the rear near the towbar, however, none really let you reach deep into the tray without a bit of effort. It’s not a giant leap forward in terms of innovation but it shows that Ford is putting extra thought into how they can improve the practicality and convenience of their vehicles for their customers.


​For the four-wheel drive enthusiasts among us, our favourite feature is the new off-road screens available in the Ranger. These give you greater views over your terrain from the front-facing camera while the 360-degree camera provides a complete picture of your surroundings without craning your head out the window all the time. On top of this, the Ranger’s off-road screens show indicators for pitch and roll angles meaning you can monitor the situation and ease up when they get too sketchy (or take it to your limit - it’s up to you).


​Ford has really hit the nail on the head with accessories through their new collaboration with ARB - Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories. By working with ARB, Ford attaches the reputation of Ford Genuine Accessories to ARB’s stellar reputation for high quality, exceptionally well-designed and engineered products backed by over forty years of Australian off-roading experience. Better yet, because the ARB products available to add to your Ranger build are Ford Genuine Accessories, you won’t have to deal with the potential warranty implications of adding third-party accessories to your vehicle.


​As soon as you get a glance of the next-gen Ranger, your eyes are caught by its updated front end that now features Ford’s iconic C-Clamp headlights. The C-Clamp elements are your daytime running lights which give the Ranger a really bold look and a face that heavily resembles its larger F-Series pick-up truck brothers from the United States. Combined with the boxier next-gen silhouette, these headlights give the Ranger a very rugged new look.

There are so many great features available in the new Next-Gen Ford Ranger, we just don’t have enough words to type them all out. If you're keen to experience them all, drop into Motorama Ford for a test drive today. Then, come back and tell us - what is your favourite thing about the Next-Gen Ford Ranger?

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