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Motorama's date night ideas

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Motorama's date night ideas

​Stuck for places to go with your other half? Left it too late to reserve anything but the drive-through at Maccas?

Let us play wingman, and take care of the romance.


The movies are the obvious go-to date night spot, but rather than fight all the other couples for a seat – bring a ready made viewing booth with you by hitting up the drive-in.

The Yatala Drive-In has a selection of movies that are guaranteed to please any movie fan. Bring some pillows, a blanket and some snacks and make yourself at in the back of your car, enjoy a cute date night.


If the weather’s good, why not take your romantic meal outdoors. Pack a lunch or afternoon tea and find inspiration in nature. If you pack a nice bottle of champagne, remember that somebody has to drive – so if you haven’t booked somewhere to stay, maybe stick to something non-alcoholic.

Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterlands has heaps of cute places to throw your picnic blanket – and is only an hour out of Brisbane. Witches Falls Circuit is particularly romantic with lagoons and a magnificent waterfall that flows after some rain.


Treasure hunts aren’t just for pirates and kids at Easter. Have your girlfriend/boyfriend travel to different locations that eventually lead to a final surprise like a romantic dinner or an adorable present. Bonus points if you use significant places from your relationship.

Getting them to drive to the final location is a great way to give you some time to set up a final surprise – just don’t make it a roadtrip. It’s Valentine’s Day, not the pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

If you’re running late, make sure to call and let your date know. Otherwise, put your phones away – especially when driving or when getting to know any potential girlfriends or boyfriends.

Happy Valentines Day!  

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