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Cleaning Your Car For A Date

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Cleaning Your Car For A Date

So you’ve booked a table at a fancy restaurant, got some schmick new duds and a styling new haircut – ready to hit the town.

But before you pull up outside their house, dressed to impress – take a little bit of time to care for your car, so it doesn’t become your last date.

Your car says a lot about your personality. And while you don’t have to go out and buy the hottest new set of wheels to impress someone, you can give your everyday car the once over to make sure your date gets the right first impression.

Working from the rear of your car forwards ensures that you don’t forget any part of your car – as you’re moving from the least used to the most used sections for passengers.


If your boot is the permanent residence for your beach towel, your gym bag and occasionally entertains your pet between check-ups – there are probably some interesting smells soaked in. 

Take stock and throw out anything that doesn’t need to be in there for your date (hint: you only need the spare tyre and its tools. And maybe an umbrella.) 

Take out all those old green shopping bags and vacuum out the boot with some deodoriser. If you have a ute or plastic-lined boot, give it a hose out (or just a wipe down) to get it looking fresh.​


Rarely are you relegated to the back seat in your own car so it eventually becomes a museum of needs from the past. Maybe you've still got that old yoga mat you bought as a part of that New Year, New You attempt three years ago, or the curled and sun-bleached remains of the 2003 Brisbane Refidex Street Directory because, hey, who knows when Google Maps may bug out on you?

But unless you've planned some Pilates with your date or have decided this is the perfect time to go device-free, it can all go.

Throw out all the rubbish, leave any larger items in the garage, and give it a good vacuum to get rid of any stray hair, dirt or crumbs that have built up from the months of neglect.


This is where the magic happens - automotively speaking. It's estimated that you spend 4.3 years behind the wheel over your lifetime. According to our extensive analysis, that's a really long time.

You do a lot while you are driving, especially if you've got a dull commute each weekday. You fill it up with small activities like sneaking a cheeky french fry, knocking back a sip of water, or doing the old one-hand rummage through your bag in the back seat to find that last piece of gum.​

Obviously, the nearly half-decade you’re at the wheel will build up some rubbish; and while you’re more likely to notice the rubbish at the front of the car – there's always a few spots that get forgotten.

If you have floor mats in, take them out and chuck them in the washing machine while you give the front a good vacuum. Do the same with any seat covers (although, it’s best to wash floor mats separately, because, ew, dirty feet have been on them.)

Declutter the glovebox – leaving just your service logbook, car's manual and anything vitally important like account information from your insurer.

Take out the ashtray and rinse it in the sink and clear out the spacer compartment underneath the radio.


First impressions matter so make sure to clean off that bird poop off your bonnet before picking up your date - it's also just super damaging to the paint and clear coat. Give your car a good wash and dry it off with a chamois or microfibre towel to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating quickly. 

If you're feeling fancy, why not clean up those tyres as well? Chuck a coat of tyre shine on those bad boys to show your date just how much of a responsible car owner you really are.


Finally, if you're really looking to impress, make your very own car scent by mixing half a cup of water, a quarter cup of gin or vodka and 15-20 drops of essential oils (or a mix) into a spray bottle and give your car's interior a few spritzes the morning of your date (don't leave it too late - nobody wants to be knocked out with tea tree oil).

If that's a bit too much effort, a good spray of Glen20 should keep things fresh for awhile.

No matter how you prepare your car, the main thing is to act like this is how you regularly maintain your car. Now, go enjoy your date, don't overdo the driving tunes, keep your attention on your date (and not your phone - especially when driving) and have a wonderful time!

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