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It's easy being green

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It's easy being green

As global warming and carbon emissions become buzzwords on everyone's lips, there's an increasing focus on how our cars and driving habits can better protect the environment. 

Whether it's by making a few smart changes or buying new cars in Brisbane, find out how your automobile can help look after the earth.

Eco-friendly driving

Your driving habits have more of an impact on the environment than you think, regardless of the type of car you drive. The first easy step to help protect the environment when you drive is to ease up on the accelerator. 

Petrol mileage declines once you hit high speeds, so the faster you go, the more you'll spend at the petrol pump and the more damage you'll do the environment.

​This means not only should you reduce your speed when travelling on highways, but also avoid sudden starts and bursts of acceleration in favour of gradual speed increases. Take advantage of cruise control when travelling on highways, as this helps your car maintain a constant speed and save petrol. Avoid idling, which is when the car engine remains running even when it's not moving. 

This creates pollution and can contribute to global warming, as well as wasting valuable fuel and money. If you're in a traffic jam or know you won't be moving for the next ten or so seconds, turn your engine off. Cars with large engines tend to waste more petrol when idling than those of smaller engines. Try not to load your car up with unnecessary weight, such as items on your roof rack that aren't being used. 

Loaded carriers and roof racks increase aerodynamic drag, which reduces fuel mileage. Put any necessary weighty items in your car boot to improve fuel economy, and travel as lightly as possible.


The first step in improving your environmental footprint is by keeping car tyres properly inflated. This helps them to last longer and improves your fuel mileage, meaning you'll not only spend less at the petrol pump, but your car will produce fewer carbon emissions. 

When it comes to replacing or topping up your motor oil, make sure you use your manufacturer's recommended grade. This can help to improve your gas mileage and is better for your car's engine. A properly tuned engine can increase fuel efficiency, so regularly book your car in at your local car service centre. The same goes for clogged and dirty air filters. 

Cars that have problems such as low or imbalanced tyres or a shoddy engine can expend more gas to drive, as well as increase your risk of car break downs. Your car's exhaust system is important when it comes to reducing emissions, as it's designed to help in this specific area. 

When these system components wear out, both your fuel consumption and environmental impact can suffer. Check your exhaust and emissions regularly.

Green cars

If you are buying a new car, make sure you focus on its fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. Most new cars on the market come with a rating to tell you how environmentally friendly they are, or you can search online reviews for more indepth information.

There's a wide range of fuel efficient vehicles on the market today, so buying one that suits your personal needs and those of the environment is easier than ever. One car brand dedicated to improving the environment is Kia.

The company has the ultimate aim of achieving zero emissions, and designs cars according to this. It is working toward becoming the leader of the eco car market, with eco-management at the forefront of its brand management strategy.

While Kia focuses on being green, it also maintains a strict emphasis on quality and design management. The cars' performance is balanced with enhanced fuel efficiency, so drivers get the best of both worlds.

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