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Financing your car at Motorama is quick and simple, that's why 1 in 2 retail customers financed through Motorama in the past year.

Motorama are an accredited with some of Australia's largest, most reputable financiers in Australia. This gives us a greater ability to tailor a competitive and personalised finance solution to meet your needs.

Our fully trained and accredited Business Managers are specialists in automotive finance and insurance. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have during the car buying or financing process.

Finance FAQ's

Why Finance Your Car at Motorama?

Fast approval, one stop shop with no hassles, deal with professionally accredited automotive specialists, no deposit and no obligation etc. Also that Motorama works with you to find and match a finance option to suit your budget 

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New & Used Car Finance Options

Provide more information on getting new car finance and used car finance at Motorama including information on how easy it is to apply for car finance and get approval as well as a list of requirements customers need for financing and what they should bring with them when considering applying for car finance.

Is it better to lease or buy a car?

It really depends on your specific situation.  There can be tax benefits to lease vs purchase.  Our finance team have added a few notes here:

How does financing a car work?

Basically you are entering an agreement with a financial institution to borrow the money required to purchase your next car.  They will work out an interest rate (based on your credit score) and a repayment schedule over a certain time period (say 5 years).  After the 5 years, you will then either own the car outright or have a balloon (lump sum) left to pay off. 

What does pre-approved for a car loan mean?

Pre-approval means that you have been approved by a bank or financial institution for a certain amount of money to spend towards your new car.  This is based on the financial information / credit score information that you have provided.  

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How long does it take to get a car loan?

Our experienced business managers aim to have finance approval back to you within 24-48 hours from your enquiry.  In some cases, we can do it on the same day as you apply.

Does car finance include insurance?

When you finance a car, the costs will include any on-road costs like car registration, CTP insurance and stamp duty. Comprehensive insurance is not covered in this and is an additional cost over and above.