Keeping An Eye On Your Brake Fluid

Posted by Motorama in Servicing Tips

Whether you have just purchased a new car or you have been driving the same one for several years, you will want to ensure you are taking the best possible care of your car.

Staying on top of your fluid levels is one important way of doing this - and one thing to take particular care with is your brake fluid.

Your brakes are among the most important components in your car, and are instrumental in keeping you safe on the road. Maintaining your brake fluid levels can improve the performance of your brakes and may even help them to last longer.

What does brake fluid do?

Brake fluid allows your vehicle to operate smoothly in all circumstances, and helps your car regulate the heat that is produced when brakes are applied over a long period of time.

Brake fluid also performs an important role in reducing corrosion from absorbed moisture, and acts as a lubricant for all the movable parts in your car's braking system.

Because your brakes are such a vital part of your car, it is essential that you look after them - this includes regular brake fluid maintenance.

How often should you change your brake fluid?

Car manufacturers will set out different guidelines for how frequently brake fluid should be changed, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Older cars may require brake fluid changes every two years, while newer models may need less frequent attention.

How can you tell when brake fluid needs attention?

There are two main ways you can tell when the brake fluid needs addressing. Firstly, you will require a brake fluid bleed or replacement if your brake pedal feels spongy.

The other sign to look out for is if your brake pedal feeds very low on application or spongy after you've been using your brakes a lot, such as when driving in mountainous areas. This also means you should replace the brake fluid.

The best way to know how often to change your brake fluid is to speak with a car servicing expert. At Motorama, our team can help you determine whether or not it is time to change your brake fluid to help your vehicle remain in top form. Contact Us