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The Difference Between a Minor and Major Service

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The Difference Between a Minor & Major Service

Ever wondered why each service on your vehicle is not the same? We'll give you all the lowdown of the difference between a Minor and Major Service. The main difference between the minor and major vehicle service is the amount of time and parts required to carry out the vehicles specific maintenance schedule, but there is a lot more to consider.

Minor Service

A minor servicing generally includes a comprehensive vehicle inspection and diagnostic checks, engine oil and filter replacement, vehicle greasing and tyre rotation by a professional factory-trained technician. It can be part of the logbook service, and sometimes it will be referred to as a basic or general service.

As a rough guideline - this really depends on our vehicle, manufacturer requirements, engine type and how your vehicle is being used - a minor service is required every 10,000km or every year.

Major Service

A major service includes replacing transmission and differential oils, which lubricates the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. You can also count on checking and replacing brake and clutch fluid, adjusting tappet clearance to make sure the most important parts in your engine keep running in optimal condition. It also the time to check and replace wheel bearing grease, to name but a few of the additional items required.

Depending on the vehicle, manufacturer requirements and engine type, you can count on a major service after two minor ones, so about every three years or 30,000km. This is usually also the right time to think about replacing spark plugs, cabin and fuel filters and timing belts for example. Your manufacturers logbook will tell you exactly when these services are necessary.

Why Servicing is Important

Regular servicing can help to identify potential problems before they become real ones, that's why it's important to keep your car serviced according to the manufacturers manual / logbook.  Servicing will make sure that essential checks are carried out to critical vehicle components and that these vital parts don't let you down when you need them most. Regular servicing provides peace of mind that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition.

Failing to service your vehicle each year to save a few dollars really is a false economy.  Regular servicing can help to identify issues early on that could later become costly and expensive to rectify.  It will also help you at the petrol pump. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine, and a more fuel efficient car.

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, being able to provide a consistent, and regular servicing history with a reputable serve department, will drastically improve your resale value.

Simply put, regularly servicing your car will undoubtedly improve the life span of the vehicle. Plus, when you're ready to sell a car with evidence of regular servicing – or even better a full service history - is likely to attract more potential buyers and a higher selling price.

Stay Aware of Your Vehicle

Most vehicles built today have complex diagnosis systems that are always monitoring the car and its systems for issues. Many of these vehicles have warning lights and messages that appear on the dashboard. Ultimately, it's really up to you to be mindful when symptoms of car problems arise. You’ll need to be aware of strange lights on the dashboard, unusual smells or sounds, and anything else questionable that may not have warning indicators.

Your Manufacturers Logbook is the best guide to use to determine the optimum timing for your vehicle's Minor and Major service intervals.

It's definitely time to visit Motorama Tyre & Service when there is squawking and grinding when you hit the brake pedal, or if you hear clicking, tapping and knocking while the engine is running. This is a sign that you need to have your car looked at immediately.

Motorama Tyre & Service can cater for any make or model, and our minor service starts from just $199 for a passenger vehicle. Avoid the hassle by booking online and choosing your closest service centre located in Moorooka, Springwood and Browns Plains.

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