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How To Save Time Servicing

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How To Save Time Servicing

Getting your car serviced often means rearranging your day, so being able to plan around not having your car makes it a bit more convenient.

So how long should a servicing take?

Every six, nine or twelve months your car needs you to bring it in to take care of routine maintenance. This also gives you a chance to talk to the service team about any problems or things you may have noticed that you’d like to understand better.

Unfortunately, if you’re working, taking care of the family or have to travel out of your way to the dealership - it can mean hours out of your day that could be better spent getting errands done.

A regular, scheduled service shouldn’t take long – but if the technicians have a busy roster of cars to see to, or maybe your car needs more than routine servicing on a particular visit, you might be sitting around waiting without a car.

If you haven’t booked a loan car, or arranged to get on our shuttle bus to get on with the rest of your day, this can become a real inconvenience.


Motorama’s Express Service allows you to get in and out in about 60 minutes, so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Just book an available Express Service time slot through your preferred Motorama dealership, and our friendly service advisors will assign our dedicated, factory-trained technicians to completing your scheduled service.

Because of the time constraints, preference is given to on-time service guests – so make sure leave a little bit early to get on to the service driveway for your allocated time slot. Remember, not all services can be done via Express Service so it is best to check when booking.


Express Service works as the service team allocate two technicians who will work together on servicing your car – they usually assign one technician to manage the left and one the right of the car. The service team also book on time slot – meaning that there is a strict schedule (and only limited number of time slots per day) that are available.

After you’re booked in and know what your car will be in for, all you have to do is relax, grab a coffee or maybe get some emails out in your dealership’s Customer Lounge – and the Service Advisor will be out to collect you once your car is ready to drive away.

To learn more about Express Service, see your dealerships service centre for more information and check if you can book in your next service and be back on the road sooner!

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