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What Type Of Tyres Do I Need?

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What Type Of Tyres Do I Need?

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when you choose new tyres for your vehicle.

The make, model and engine size of your car, the conditions you drive in most frequently and the brand of tyres you prefer are all important things to think about before you make your final choice. It is always a good idea to speak to an expert at your local car service centre if you need advice or support, but read on for a few tips to get you started.


By law, all tyres need to have a minimum tread depth of at least 1.5mm to remain roadworthy - but there are a lot of other factors that can affect your tyres in addition to standard wear and tear. UV and heat exposure, frequently driving at high speeds, harsh braking and the overall age of your tyres can all affect their performance.

It is a wise idea to have your tyres inspected every time your car is serviced, and to check on them regularly to see whether it is time to replace them.


Your manufacturer's handbook is packed with useful information, including the size of your car's wheels and the recommended types of tyre for your vehicle. This is a good starting point for your tyre search, as it sets out the basic information you will need to make your decision.

If you can't find your handbook, you can find most of the relevant information about wheel size and tyre type from your manufacturer's website - just search for the make and model of your car.


Maybe you are the type of driver who travels hundreds of kilometres in a single trip, or alternatively, perhaps you only use your vehicle for short errands to the supermarket. The way you drive, as well as the conditions you drive in, will affect your choice of tyres.

This is why there is no definitive answer as to what brand of tyre is best for everyone. Depending on your requirements, the best tyre for your vehicle may be an inexpensive option that is likely to last a long time, or it may be a high-performance tyre that offers superior grip, but a reduced lifespan.

As a driver, it is important to be aware of all your options and weigh up the pros and cons of each - this will help you to make a wise decision that supports the way you drive.


When you install new tyres, it is important that you keep things consistent. This means that both tyres on the same axle should have the same tread depth and pattern - otherwise, your steering and braking may be affected.

This is why you may not want to replace each tyre individually. Replacing all four tyres at once, or replacing both tyres on one axle, can help you stay safe on the roads.


If you aren't sure where to start when it comes to choosing new tyres, a good place to find more information is your local car service centre.

At Motorama, our Brisbane car servicing experts can help you through every stage of the process of getting new tyres, from choosing the right brand to ensuring your wheels are balanced. Contact our team today to find out more about how we can help you choose the right tyres for your vehicle.

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