Fuel discount with new myToyota app

Posted by Motorama in Motoring Tips

You probably already have heaps of apps on your phone but if you’re a Toyota owner, you should definitely not miss out on downloading their new myToyota app. Next to features like giving you an overview of your vehicle details and service needs, it comes complete with an exclusive rewards program that includes a 4c per litre fuel discount. That in itself is already enough reason to download it right away and get in on your phone.


Most people know what car their driving – at least that it’s a Toyota and which colour it is – but with the myToyota app you have easy access to all your vehicle details. This becomes especially interesting when there is a recall or if you need to make a warranty claim. The myToyota app also gives you an overview of your service needs and your service history. More important though is the option to check when your next service is due. With the app you can book this in with Motorama right away. You can find the Motorama Toyota dealer closest to you with a simple click and save this within the app, including our contact details for easy access.

Fuel Discount

Toyota understands that fuel is expensive and – especially if you drive a big LandCruiser with a gurgling V8 – every cent saved is welcome. There are plenty of apps out there that can help, but nothing is as effective as the standard 4c per litre discount built into the myToyota app. Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered your Toyota vehicle, simply click on the Caltex Offer button and on the following Fuel Rewards page you click on the ‘Get Daily Code’ button.   You simply show the produced QR voucher code at the register of any of the 657 participating Caltex service stations after fuelling up to receive the discount. The app will even find the closest Caltex for you and give you the best possible route. Easiest money you’ll ever save. You can use the discount once per vehicle every 24 hours.​


But for all Toyota owners that drive a hybrid Prius and therefore fuel up a bit less, Toyota also added an additional 21 rewards ranging from movie and sports tickets to competitions and ‘unique experiences’. All you have to do is download the app on Google Play or on the App Store and register your Toyota vehicle, but this one does need to be manufactured from 2001 onwards.​

If your Toyota is older then that but you would still like to make use of the my Toyota app, just visit your our Motorama Toyota dealer in Moorooka or Browns Plains and check out one of their newer models.