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​Motorama has launched a new subscription service which is a brand new concept in Australia, called Motopool. At Motopool we believe that you want choice, flexibility and simplicity in your life and this goes hand in hand with having access to the right car for the right occasion. A subscription gives you the ability to pay for your car the same way you would pay for your Netflix membership, your gym access or your favourite magazine. Take away the hassle of car ownership and open up your options with the Motopool Subscription.

Motopool offers you access to three different pools: Premium, Value and Starter. In the Premium Pool you'll find cars like the Camaro, HSV SportsCat, Acadia, Commodore VXR, Trailblazer LTZ and Equinox LTZ-V. You can swap cars up to 3 times per month and they will be concierge delivered, cleaned and with full tank of fuel. In the Standard Pool you'll have access to the Colorado LS, ZB Commodore LT, Astra RS-V, Equinox LS, Captiva LTZ and Trax LTZ. They can be swapped up to 2 times per month and need to be picked up from the dealership. And last but not least, the Starter Pool - the most cost effective yet. It includes the Kia Sportage Si, Picanto GT Line and Cerato Sport Sedan, which you can swap around every month.

How does it work?

Simply sign up for a minimum one month commitment and pay the monthly subscription fee. This gives you:

  • Access to drive one of these great new vehicles at all times and use as if it was your own - Swap between cars monthly or even up to 2 or 3 times per month so you can enjoy the full range
  • Each car can be picked up or will be concierge delivered to you clean, with a full tank, so you can get that new car feeling more than once!
  • Your subscription covers registration, insurance, roadside assistance, as well as all servicing and maintenance

​Why choose Motopool? 

Let’s say you choose a good looking SUV that is perfect for the family and for work. Then you decide you’re ready for your next camping adventure and you book a sporty Dual Cab. Maybe you’ve got the school reunion coming up – so you decide the only way to turn up is driving your V8 Camaro! With a Motopool subscription you match your car to your lifestyle and your needs.

​Where ownership of a car is a long term commitment, you're limited to one car, you've got the expenses of ongoing maintenance and it's difficult and often costly to change cars, Motopool is different. You can cancel or pause the monthly subscription at any time, have access to a range of cars to suit your lifestyle and one simply monthly payment that covers all expenses. Choice, flexibility and simplicity.

All you do is pay for fuel and any trip related expenses as you go.    Simple.

"We have seen a shift in the way consumers view owning a car vs using mobility solutions. Australians traditionally like to own their vehicles so that they have access to them at all times, but also have very active and varied lifestyles. With a subscription you are able to get the best of both worlds - permanent access to a vehicle hassle free and with the ability to not lock into one certain vehicle and match you car to your lifestyle", says Motopool's General Manager Caleb Gunn. To find out more, get in touch with Motopool

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