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The next time you drop someone off to sports training or pop down the shops, take a good look at what’s in the carpark.

These were the places you used to see loads of family wagons and people movers. Today, you’ll see a way bigger collection of SUV’s and 4 x 4 vehicles.And this is a trend that is happening all over Australia.

Off Road Lifestyle

In March this year in a feature article

called ‘Can sedans survive in a world of SUVs?’, CarSales reported that, ‘for the first time but definitely not the last, SUVs and commercials outsold passenger cars in Australia as two utes topped the individual sales charts.’

What changed in Australia is the way people think of their 4x4.For many, it has become the replacement for the family vehicle that could tow a van or boat and discover Australia. 4x4’s have also become far more user friendly - with passenger car like comforts like leather seats and heated seats to name a few.

In our increasingly busy lives, the dream of escaping work and heading out bush or the beach on the weekend with the family has become a popular idea. And people no longer just want to buy the vehicle. They also want to add all the accessories that support that off road lifestyle.

A new world of 4x4 accessories

Motorama retails genuine parts and accessories for all our brands and they are always our first choice. However, the demand for accessories exceeds the range we have to offer. People want to personalise and customise the look and feel of their vehicle. They want to upgrade or modify everything to their specification to meet their lifestyle.

“People want to change the look and feel of their vehicle”

Seeing this demand, we decided to look around for someone we could partner with, someone who was already a top performer in the 4x4 aftermarket accessories space.

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A quality performer

Our research took us to Ironman 4x4. Not only do they have a very wide and popular range, they are a global company based in Australia. Like us, they have a 60 year old history and are three generations in to what began as a small family business. And when you look at what they sell, it is fantastic quality at an affordable price.

A global player

There’s a top article by Matt Raudonikis that takes you through the history of Ironman 4x4 and their growth in Australia and around the world. It’s a great story and you’ll quickly understand why we’re proud to have created an alliance with the Ironman 4x4 brand going forward.

Ironman and Motorama

I believe Ironman products are affordable, dependable and functional. Most importantly, they are reliable - they will make your 4x4 look good and perform better in the great outdoors.

So now if you’re looking for additional accessories for your next SUV or 4x4 adventure, we’re now in an even better place to help you out – thanks to Ironman 4x4.

Mark Woelders
Managing Director

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