Motorama Toyota wins Environmental Award

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At the recent Toyota Dealer Awards night, Motorama Toyota at Moorooka was recognised as the most environmentally sustainable dealership in Australia.

This award recognises Motorama Toyota’s dedication to implement green values within their day to day business.

The key principal behind Motorama Toyota’s design was to create an innovative and sustainable dealership that minimised its impact to the local environment.

Winning this award proves that our vision has not only transpired and that we have been recognised as the most environmentally sustainable Toyota dealership within Australia” Mark Harris, Fixed Operations Manager, Motorama Toyota

Some of the key sustainability activities that were identified as contributing toward Motorama Toyota’s sustainability included;

Water harvesting – large water tanks can store up to 500,000 litres of rain water that is later recycled for use around the site, significantly reducing the reliance on main water supplies.

Bio Retention basins have been installed on the edge of large concrete area’s.  They are nature’s water filters, designed to ensure that the water runoff off is clear from containiments and sediments.

Water wise plants have been used throughout the site.  Not only are they drought resistant, but they are Australian naitves.  

Our Toyota and Holden dealerships in Moorooka use recycled water from the tanks and is powered by the solar panels

The design of the Toyota building has ensured that natural lighting is harnessed.  Significant use of glass panels, open areas, sky lighting & high ceilings have reduced the dependency on artificial lighting & power.  It has also created a number of open and free flowing spaces throughout the dealership.

Energy efficient lighting  such as dimmer lights, automatic lighting and LED lighting have been installed to conserve energy use.

Recycling facilities for customers and staff to use are prominently located on site. Our service department also disposes of tyre, batteries and oil in an environmentally friendly way.

Motorama Toyota does these plus many more green initiatives around the site and in the wider community. Our corporate responsility activies include particpation in Earth Hour and National Tree Day every year.

On top of winning this award, Motorama Toyota was the first Brisbane Toyota dealership to receive the Toyota Environmental Dealership 5 STAR accreditation. This award recognises dealers who have implemented a number of environmentally sustainable values that meet Toyota’s criteria. It is so exclusive, that only a handful of Toyota dealers nationally have been awarded a 5 STAR rating.