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Motorama rides in Tour de Office

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Motorama rides in Tour de Office

Motorama has been selling cars for over sixty years, but since 2015 we’ve fitted some bike racks to take part in Tour De Office – a charity bike ride fundraising for the Starlight Foundation.


The Tour De Office was launched in 2011 as a way to combat office workers sitting for prolonged periods of time and to raise money for charities across Australia. In 2015, the Motorama Group joined the drive as part of our desire to become a Values Driven organisation.

Group Trainer Manager Damian Woelders is excited about the opportunities for getting the team involved. “At Motorama, our values are a vital part of how we do business with each and every guest – in order for them to have a Cool experience – but also with our teams and colleagues,” he said. 

“The Tour De Office is a great way to demonstrate team work – a key part of our culture. We’re all working together to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation – and the element of competition just gives everyone that extra push to go a little harder!”


Tracey Tomlin, the State Partnerships Manager for the Starlight Foundation, is thrilled with the effort.

“Once again, Tour De Office has made the competitive streak in the Motorama team come alive, with everyone trying to outpedal each other and their personal bests from last year,” she said. Tomlin lauded all the riders who managed to ditch their desk and either get cycling or cheer on their peloton.

“A big thank you to all the people that supported along the way with the organising, being in the cheer squad, cooking on the BBQ and just generally being awesome. With Motorama’s support, we will be able to transform and brighten the hospital experience hundreds of sick children and their families – how amazing is that!”


Damian Woelders himself is always one of the loudest supporters from the sideline, visiting each dealership to keep track of the distance ridden. “I’m never surprised when the entire Motorama team come together to support a great cause,” he said. “One of our key values at Motorama is Care – not just of ourselves and our fellow team members, but caring for the community where we live and work. Over the past years the Motorama Group have managed to raise over $70,000 for the Starlight Foundation just through Tour De Office, not to mention pedalling almost 4,500kms – which is more then if you would be cycling from Brisbane to Perth!”

Motorama’s partnership with the Starlight Foundation was founded with the construction of the state-of-the-art Starlight Express Room at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, when the Motorama Group became a foundation partner – supporting the life-saving work of Captain Starlight.



868.31km cycled, $10,490 fundraised – longest distance cycled in 30 minutes: 15.77km


850.02km cycled, $14,765 fundraised – longest distance cycled in 30 minutes: 16.4km


871.81km cycled, $14,729 fundraised – longest distance cycled in 30 minutes: 16.85km


973.4km cycled, $13,959 fundraised – longest distance cycled in 30 minutes: 16.10km


927.97km cycled, $17,500 fundraised – longest distance cycled in 30 minutes: 17.23km

Total kms cycled: 4491.51km

Total amount raised: $71.443

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