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How to Choose the Right Car For Your Business

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How to Choose the Right Car For Your Business

Travelling for work – whether that’s to one site or across Queensland – will help to grow your business.

But how do you know which vehicle is the right fit for your business?

Big ideas when your starting up a new business are easy: it’s the practical, every day things that tend to make things difficult.

For example, driving while you’re on the job is a tax-deductible expense – but so is the actual vehicle if you use it primarily to earn income! But what do you choose?


Utes are big business right now, with car makers pouncing on the growth of families snapping up 4WD utes (especially double cabs) that can go from work mate to weekend warrior duties without the need for a second vehicle.

If you need to carry a few hundred kilos, or tow a trailer regularly, before hosing down your boots to take the family on a beach holiday; utes are fit for double duty.


The other big seller in car yards is the SUV. With station wagons out of fashion, families turned to SUVs – small to medium sized wagons that have a large presence on the road, and sell the lifestyle of being the machine to take you anywhere.

If space is your priority, you have a glut of choices in the SUV stakes. The bonus of buying an SUV is the cache of being able to sit eye to eye with bigger 4WDs, but still keep up with smaller cars in the next lane.  Most SUV’s come in a 7 seat configuration which can be handy when the kids want to bring a friend or two, and you’ll find that there is a distinct preference for the diesel engine version.


If you’re on the road all day, hatchbacks and sedans are still set the standard if you want to find the best in class for comfort and performance.

These days, you can find any configuration you’d ever think of. From an entry model ultra light hatchback to luxury sports sedans built to haul five with no compromises in comfort, convenience or performance. Passenger cars are often cheaper than their SUV equivalent, and pay less of a penalty to refuel and insure them when you’re looking at running costs over the life of the vehicle.


Buying a hybrid is more than just an option to boost your green credentials, getting into a hybrid car can save you money on running around for your business.

The lower running costs of many hybrids make them great for rideshare operators and even small businesses looking to get on the road for less. And it’s not just savings on your fuel bill – registration and, often, insurance can be cheaper, and there are strong resale values when it comes time to upgrade.

Whatever you choose, Motorama works with CarBeagle to find a car that suits your needs, and sending them on the hunt to sniff out a finance company that is willing to work for you – not the other way around. Contact the team to see what the Beagle can dig up in its search for the best finance deal in Brisbane.

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