Six Reasons Why the Next-Gen Ford Everest Trend Could be the Best Value SUV of 2022 banner

Six Reasons Why the Next-Gen Ford Everest Trend Could be the Best Value SUV of 2022

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Six Reasons Why the Next-Gen Ford Everest Trend Could be the Best Value SUV of 2022

Ford threw down the gauntlet when they released the Next-Gen Ford Everest with an all-new design, multiple powertrain options, and hefty standard inclusions. 

The top-of-the-line Platinum variant is loaded with everything Ford could fit in, however, we reckon it may not even be the best variant of this new generation of Everest when it comes to value. 

The Ford Everest Trend is the second-level trim one step above the base model, Ambiente, and shares the same 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine. However, the inclusions that come standard in the Trend push it far and above its rival four-cylinder-powered SUVs on the market. We’ve put together a few reasons why we think it could be the best-value SUV on the market in 2022. 


The combination of wireless charging and smartphone connectivity is the standard for device convenience in today’s car market. It wouldn’t have surprised us if Ford, for simplicity and cost, chose to forgo one of these features in their lower-spec models - we’re glad they didn’t though.


In terms of interior features, Ford’s huge, new 12” portrait infotainment screen has been a key selling point for the Next-Gen Ranger and Everest. We love that it’s available in the Trend and is also the most affordable variant across both models that features this epic touchscreen.


Traditionally, if you were after leather seats in your car, you had to purchase one of the higher-spec variants or pay extra to have it added as an option. We’re happy to note that the Trend bucks this trend meaning you can get that luxury leather feeling in an SUV under $66k - how good!


Convenience was undeniably a key design goal when developing the Trend. Ford has moved away from hydraulic struts and removed almost all the human effort by adding a powered tailgate. Accessing the boot of the Trend is now as simple as pushing a button!


If you love all the size, features and convenience of the Everest but don’t ever see yourself going off-road, you may not particularly fancy paying a premium for a low-range transfer case. Ford has thought of you though and gives you the option of purchasing your Trend with either a rear-wheel drive (RWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) powertrain. Your Everest is still packed with all its other great features, yet, forgoing the 4WD option will save you over $5,000!


The Ford Everest continues its leading form in towing capacity with all variants featuring a towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes. Out of all the four-cylinder, diesel-powered SUVs on the market, only the Isuzu MU-X matches the Everest on these terms. For the 4WD version of the Trend, you have the option to add Ford’s new Towing Pack that makes towing in the Everest an absolute breeze. In addition to your towbar, the Towing Pack includes an integrated trailer brake controller plus advanced technologies that assist in hitching, trailer light checks, and blindspot monitoring that accounts for the dimensions of your trailer.

You may be thinking you have to go for one of the V6-powered variants to be able to tow effectively but we disagree - and we’ve backed this up by adding the 2.0-litre Trend to our Motorama 4x4xMORE vehicle lineup as our tow vehicle for 2023. If you'd like to see our Motorama 4x4xMORE Everest Trend putting it's towing capabilities to work, check out our video on towing in an Next-Gen Everest.

There are so many more awesome features that come standard in the Trend - the value is almost endless. On top of this, the Trend is more accessible than the higher-spec Sport and Platinum variants with more stock available to customers. 

If you’re currently in the market for a new SUV but can’t justify spending much over $70k, make sure to add the Next-Gen Ford Everest Trend to your list. 

The level of affordability combined with the stack of standard inclusions just might make the Trend the best-value SUV of 2022.​​

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