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Review: All-New 2023 MG MG4

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Review: All-New 2023 MG MG4

MG Motors continues to introduce new, budget-friendly cars into the Australian market while maintaining a focus on the future with battery-powered models.

The all-new MG MG4 is the latest example of this focus as it hits the Motorama MG showroom as the most affordable EV across all Motorama dealerships and the cheapest mid-size EV for sale in the country.

The MG4's favourable pricing is not the only selling point, however, as we found out how fun and practical this baby SUV can be when we had the opportunity to spend the day recently testing out the MG4 Long Range 77 trim.

Initial Impressions

The MG4 features some sharp looks and looks especially bold in one of the latest eye-popping colours like Volcano Orange or Diamond Red. The swept-back lines give the MG4 an agile appearance that exemplifies the silence and swiftness of its EV power.

Stepping inside, you're greeted with a surprisingly roomy interior featuring minimalist elements that again reflect the neat form that's associated with clean EV power. There's no bulky centre console or oversized instrument cluster - instead, you have a low-set storage compartment with a "floating" console for the essential bits like driving mode selection, and a neat little screen in place of the instrument cluster that offers a simple display of all your key figures.


The MG4 driving experience is characteristically EV with satisfying acceleration and comfortable quietness. The Long Range 77 variant offers an even more exciting launch boost backed by a 180kW motor that can go 0-100km/h in a zippy 6.5 seconds, plus (as the name suggests), a 77kWh battery that's good for an anxiety-quelling range of 530km.

Each of the other variants is also named after their battery size (Excite 51, Excite 64, Essence 64), however, these all feature a standard 150kW of power. These numbers correlate to driving ranges of 350km for the Excite 51, 450km for the Excite 64, and a touch less for the Essence 64 at 435km.

You've got a few different driving modes to choose from in the MG4 - the common three being Eco, Standard and Sport. There's also a Snow setting (which may not get much use here in Queensland) and a Custom option so you can set your driving style.

Further customisation can be found through the regenerative braking modes that allow you to determine the strength of the resistance applied to the wheels when you let your foot off the accelerator. The separate One Pedal Driving mode offers the same functionality albeit to the highest level, minimising your need to use the brake pedal.

It can take some time to get used to, but many EV owners rave about how much easier it makes the driving experience once you've got a good handle on it.


Being a futuristic EV, the MG4 has a new way of starting and stopping your car that can take a little getting used to as it doesn't feel quite right when you first experience it. Firstly, there's no ignition key or even a start button so "starting" your MG4 happens simply by unlocking the door, sitting down and pushing in the brake. Leaving the car is even more quirky when all you have to do is put it in Park, then exit and lock the car.

Other convenient tech includes a wireless charging station perfectly situated on the floating console in both the Essence and Long Range models. If you're Apple CarPlay or Android Auto inclined, you've got your USB-A and USB-C outlets located underneath the console just above the large low-set storage compartment ideal for storing all your smaller items like phone, purse and keys.

The MG4 features the latest MG Pilot drive safety assist suite that includes features such as Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Unsteady Driver Warning to name a few. The Essence and Long Range models offer a few extras like Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Emergency Lane Keep Assist, and Lane Change Assist. Plus, Traffic Jam Assist that conveniently detects heavy traffic and automatically follows the vehicle in front, controlling acceleration, braking and steering within your lane.

The whole MG4 range features rear parking sensors and a reversing camera as standard while the upper two models also get a full 360-degree camera for even better all-round vision.

Rear seat space is nice and roomy and can fit a few adults quite comfortably. On top of this, the rear seats fold down substantially, more than tripling the size of the cargo space from 363 litres to 1170 litres - perfect for completing those IKEA flatpack trips.

MG continues to improve its battery tech and this is noticeable in the MG4. The new EV features a "One-Pack" battery design which allows for a physically thinner battery without sacrificing power capacity. This technology is what has allowed MG to boost cabin space in the MG4 while maintaining competitiveness in terms of driving range. Another notable feature of the MG4's battery pack is the Vehicle to Load (V2L) function which allows your car to be used as a portable battery pack to power other electronics. We can see this functionality end up being a lifesaver in certain situations for some owners.


True to MG's focus, where the MG4 is a real winner is in its pricing with the range starting from an impressive $41,197 drive away for the Excite 51. By moving up a level to the Excite 64, the biggest gain is the 100-kilometre extra battery range for $47,317 drive away. The best value for money, however, seems to be with the Essence 64 where you'll get a ton of extra features for just over $3,000 more. Available at $58,537 drive away, the Long Range 77 offers the most fun in terms of driving experience though, with it's extra powerful battery and it's stellar driving range.

For Queensland owners, another great benefit of the MG4 is that the whole range is eligible under the State Government's Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme. This means you can get a cool $3,000 back on your MG4 purchase, while some owners who meet further criteria can receive a further $3,000 back knocking a massive $6,000 off the total price. You can learn more about the rebate scheme and your eligibility via our handy guide.


Overall, the MG4 is an exceptional car that would be ideal for first-time EV owners getting used to a new way of powering their commute. The minimalist interior adds to this experience by offering renewed approaches to the driving experience. Another great thing about the MG4 is that, despite its budget-friendly price, there's no glaring lack of features that unfortunately is a common issue with some cars in the segment.

If you're looking to move into an affordable EV or are keen to upgrade your existing MG, don't hesitate to book a test drive of the MG4 at Motorama MG today.

Or simply drop into our showroom at Moorooka and our friendly team can help you choose the right MG4 for your needs. 

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Book a Test Drive

See the full details on the MG4 or book a test drive with the team at Motorama MG today.

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