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Review: 2024 Toyota bZ4X AWD

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Review: 2024 Toyota bZ4X AWD

Despite offering hybrid vehicles for decades in which millions have been sold, the all-new Toyota bZ4X is the manufacturer's first pure battery electric vehicle to hit the Australian market.

While this sounds like they're behind the curve on EVs, Toyota is not one to fly by the seat of its pants. When it comes to new models, the Japanese automotive titan has a storied reputation for rigorous development, ensuring every product has all the wrinkles ironed out before it ever lands in a showroom - and the bZ4X is no exception.

Toyota taking its time to develop what it thinks is a high-quality, value-packed EV and we tend to agree. We recently spent the weekend with the all-wheel drive variant of the bZ4X to see how it stacks up as an EV and as a Toyota.

First Glance

The bZ4X seems to forgo the use of any exterior curves in favour of sharp edges and chamfered surfaces creating a boxy yet sleek silhouette. Large black panels on the front quarters and the rear arches give it a distinct two-tone appearance that offers a hint that this isn't your typical Toyota. 

Stepping inside, you immediately notice the unusual instrument cluster and steering wheel arrangement that aims to replicate the feeling of a head-up display to keep your eyes closer to the road. 

This new setup means you may have to adjust your driving position slightly, especially if you tend you have your steering wheel quite high. The steering wheel in the bZ4X is designed to sit a touch lower than a conventional setup with the instrument cluster viewed above the wheel as opposed to viewing through it. The good thing here is that the bZ4X's steering wheel is quite small so adjustment is minimal.

Another benefit for the driver is the large steering wheel buttons available. With some brands trending towards tiny switches and miniature buttons, the bZ4X instead utilises large, simple buttons that - once memorised - instil confidence that you can keep your eyes on the road and still operate other features.

Interior Touches

Seating in the bZ4X is supremely comfortable with the AWD trim featuring Toyota's premium SofTex synthetic seat material - a sustainably produced, lightweight, heavy-wearing, easy cleaning and spill-resistant leather alternative. Heated front seats with 8-way adjustment for the driver are standard in both trims, while the AWD adds a heated steering wheel as well as ventilated front seats.

The rear seats offer loads of room including easy accessibility due to the flat floor across the width of the car. This is a feature common to EVs due to the nature of the components under the floor. Rear passengers also get a pair of USB-C outlets as well as a set of decent-sized door bins. We also can't forget to mention the panoramic moon roof that adds to the roomy atmosphere.

We love how the centre console acts as an armrest raised to the ideal height running from the dash to the seatback. A large central storage compartment makes up for the missing glovebox while even more storage space between the front footwells.

Entertainment is courtesy of a crisp 12.3-inch touchscreen plus a nine-speaker JBL premium sound system in the AWD trim. The native infotainment system is fast and intuitive but wireless Apple CarPlay is so simple to set up that we predominantly used that instead. One handy feature of the native sat-nav though, is the inclusion of public EV charging stations meaning you'll always know where the closest compatible charger is for your bZ4X.

The wireless charging station is located smack bang in the middle of the centre console allowing for easy drop and charge and complete with a lid to hide away your smartphone to minimise any temptations while driving. Another well-placed component is the unique gear-select bezel with a simple push-to-switch safety feature and satisfying tactile feedback from your selections.

Due to the sloped back window, the rear cargo space loses a bit in terms of height, however, the bZ4X is still good for a solid 421L in the FWD and 410L in the AWD - comfortable enough for most families. You'll also find a false floor in the rear cargo area that conveniently hides away your tyre repair kit and charging cables.

Refined Electric

Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models are powered by the same 71kWh Lithium-ion battery with the primary difference in the drivetrains being in the number of electric motors. The FWD trim packs a single 150kW electric motor pushing 266Nm of torque, while the AWD features dual 80kW motors. This gives the AWD an even split of 160kW of power and 337Nm of torque across both axles.

Due to the extra power used in the AWD trim, the EV range takes a slight hit compared to the FWD model. The AWD will get you up to 411km according to WLTP standards, while the FWD is good up to 436km. In terms of charging, the bZ4X's DC charger maximum output is a solid 150kW meaning that a 10% - 80% charge can be done in about 30 minutes. If you're charging at home on an AC 3-Phase charger, you can get from 10% to 100% in about 7 hours.

We were impressed with how well-refined the EV driving experience was in the bZ4X. The instantaneous torque and regenerative braking prevalent in EVs can often make both taking off and coming to a stop produce some uncomfortable jolts if you're not completely focused on pedal control. Toyota has done an outstanding job of tempering the pedal sensitivity in these moments to improve comfort meaning you're not spending your commute working your pedal by the millimetre.


The bZ4X range starts from just under $70k drive away for the front-wheel drive model from Motorama Toyota. The standard colour is black, however, five other colour choices are available for less than $600 more. The bZ4X AWD starts a few dollars above $79k drive away, although, you've also got the option to go two-tone with a black roof. This is only available in the non-standard colour options so the price of a colour other than black with the two-tone roof sits at just under $1400.

We must also mention what Toyota is doing to make it easier to take the leap to electric with Toyota Finance's Full-Service Lease. Toyota is aiming to reduce the hesitancy around long-term EV ownership primarily with the concerns of future resale value. Toyota bZ4X buyers can opt for a 3-year lease that combines all their running costs into one simple monthly payment. Avoid the uncertainty and budget easier with servicing, maintenance, rego, CTP, comprehensive Toyota insurance and roadside assistance all included in your monthly payment and, at the end of your lease, you'll get the option to upgrade to the latest model.


An electric Toyota has been a long time coming, however, we reckon the bZ4X is worth the wait. It's not a ground-breaking, market-disrupting EV, yet this is not what we expect from Toyota. What's expected is the rigorous research and development Toyota has built its reputation on, and with which they have produced a well-refined, finished model that hits the ground running.

If you want to hit the ground running in a new bZ4X, book a test drive at Motorama Toyota today.

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