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Review: 2023 Toyota HiLux GR Sport

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Review: 2023 Toyota HiLux GR Sport

The latest HiLux model has hit the showroom floor at Motorama and takes its place at the top of the pecking order as the flagship trim in the range of Australia's favourite Ute.

The HiLux GR Sport is Toyota's most capable HiLux yet, featuring significant upgrades over the existing HiLux range.

We recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend with the new model, and while we're still waiting on the chance to take it off-road (watch this space), we were able to experience how the GR Sport handles the regular day-to-day. 

Initial Impressions

It's easy to notice how much chunkier the HiLux GR Sport is compared to its standard trim siblings with a wider set of wheels capped by its large black fender flares giving the appearance of a hulking bulldog. The increased ground clearance is also noticeable despite the existing range-topping trim - the HiLux Rogue - sitting at the same height. 

On top of this, Toyota has included both aesthetic and practical features that differentiate the GR Sport from the rest of the HiLux range, which both signify the model's flagship role in this range as well as its membership in Toyota's growing range of GR Sport-anointed vehicles.

In terms of the exterior, distinguishing elements include the TOYOTA alphabet grille embued with the GR Sport badge, Dakar-inspired skid plate, protective rock rails (in place of side steps), GR-embossed tray tub, and rated rear recovery points in an unmistakable red finish. 

On the inside, the front seats are unmistakable of the GR Sport range with the headrests embroidered with the GR emblem and the seats finished in leather and suede. You've also got paddle shifters for the first time in a HiLux, plus your steering wheel inset with the GR emblem and topped with a red leather 12 O'Clock ring. 


The HiLux GR Sport is the most powerful trim across the range featuring a 10 per cent boost in both power and torque numbers (165kW & 550Nm respectively). While the power boost is not overly apparent, the car does feel noticeably lighter and more agile offering a peppy ride around town. This extra power means the GR Sport requires some extra help to stop, which is why it features a larger set of disc brakes with sporty red brake callipers to top it off.

There's no doubt inspiration for the GR Sport's upgraded suspension has been taken from Gazoo Racing's HiLux entrant in the 2023 Dakar rally with the new model featuring performance-geared monotube shocks that are so often preferred by racing teams. Paired with a set of dazzling red coil springs, the KYB shocks offer a higher dampening force and better effective heat dissipation than the standard twin-tube shocks. This gives the GR Sport more precise handling ability and the durability to cop an off-road beating for longer than its standard-range siblings. 

The rear end maintains a leaf-spring setup which means the GR Sport can maintain an uncompromised braked towing capacity of 3,500kg. This is a significant benefit for a performance-oriented ute and will be especially desirable for those who love to tow their off-road caravan out into the sticks, set up off-the-grid for a weekend, and spend the day conquering some tough tracks. As expected with a capable set-up like this, you'll find that, during regular travel with no payload or trailer attached, the rear suspension won't offer much forgiveness.

Toyota has chosen to keep much of the off-road improvements based on mechanical upgrades meaning that, in terms of off-road tech, the GR Sport features much of the same advanced tools found in the rest of the HiLux range including the rear diff lock, Downhill Assist Control, and traction control. 


The HiLux GR Sport features an understated interior as Toyota has focused its improvements primarily in the performance space. The GR sports seats lock you comfortably with supportive side bolstering and keep you cosy in the cold with the heated seating function. The leather-wrapped steering wheel feels great in hand with the paddle shifters in a great position to make your race car driver dreams come to life. 

The majority of the cabin doesn't stray too far away from the rest of the HiLux range, with components like the infotainment screen remaining the same as the core HiLux range. However, a few extra touches like the accented tachometer, red seatbelts, and a GR Sport-exclusive monochrome door trim and dashboard accent do offer some differentiation. On top of this, entertainment is taken care of with the JBL 9-speaker premium audio system to keep the tunes pumping out in the bush. 

In terms of utilitarian performance, the GR Sport is quite simple, with the tub liner offering good protection when carting around heavy equipment in the tray. However, it does forego a few of the extra luxuries of the Rogue like the sports bar and motorised roller cover.


While the GR Sport does top the HiLux range in terms of price, it's not a huge leap above the existing halo trim - the HiLux Rogue. Drive-away pricing for the HiLux GR Sport starts at $78,932 in the standard Glacier White finish (or switch it up with a black roof for an extra $1,030). 

Toyota offers a limited colour range, sticking to those emblematic of the GR Sport name, which are all priced at an additional $697. These include Feverish Red, Frosted White, Silver Sky and Eclipse Black with the option to switch to the black roof on the Feverish Red and Frosted White for a further $1,219.


Overall, the HiLux GR Sport is a seriously capable vehicle. Driving around town, we could feel it itching to be taken off-road and put on a display for us. We were certainly itching for that experience too, as it felt like it could conquer anything despite only being limited to the blacktop. Toyota has avoided making this a one-track, performance-only vehicle by maintaining a class-leading tow rating allowing it to function exceptionally in both work and play.

Stay posted for our off-road experience that will no doubt be a blast, or get into your very own HiLux GR Sport with help from the team at Motorama Toyota. Book a HiLux GR Sport test drive or browse the latest HiLux stock available at your local Motorama Toyota showroom right now.

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