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Review: 2023 Nissan Navara Pro-4X Warrior

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Review: 2023 Nissan Navara Pro-4X Warrior

Since 2019, Nissan has maintained a close partnership with Australian automotive engineering firm, Premcar, to develop and produce performance versions of existing Nissan models. The standout product of this collaboration has been the Navara Pro-4X Warrior. 

Initially released in 2021, the current generation of Pro-4X Warrior is a kitted-out head-turner with improved capabilities and well-crafted aesthetics. We recently got our hands on one to see if all the extra fruit is worth it.

Initial Impressions

At first glance, there's no denying the Pro-4X Warrior is a good-looking Ute. It's more imposing than its standard Navara brethren which can be attributed to its boosted ride height, increased track width and more aggressive tyres. 

Extra pieces such as the upgraded bumper bar, striking red bash plate, Warrior-specific decal pack and rear sports bar give you that geared-up look direct from the manufacturer. The improved styling continues on the interior with stylish leather-appointed seat designs complete with customised Warrior headrest stitching.


The Pro-4X Warrior retains the same 2.3-litre twin-turbo diesel engine as the rest of the Navara range which pushes out a respectable 140kW of power and 140Nm of torque. The Navara has the luxury of being one of the few Utes on the market that sits on coil springs on all corners which gives the ride vastly superior levels of comfort. On top of this, Premcar has done a stellar job on the revised suspension setup that offers better handling and greater stability despite the increased ground clearance. 

If you like to work the gears yourself, the Pro-4X Warrior is one of the only 4x4 Utes left in its class to offer a manual gearbox (a six-speed option) and the only top-of-the-range model at that. The Warrior we reviewed had the seven-speed automatic transmission option which we found to be pleasantly refined when commuting around town. With engine capacity on the smaller end, it maintains a sensible combined fuel economy of 8.8L/100km. What's also impressive about this drivetrain is that despite its size, it maintains a full 3.5-tonne towing capacity. The Pro-4X Warrior also handles towing better and with greater stability due to the specialised tuning of the upgraded suspension. 

We were happy with the suite of advanced safety features available as would be expected in the top-of-the-range model. You'll get features like Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Intelligent Driver Alertness, and Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention among others. While packed with plenty of features in this respect, we do wish it also has adaptive cruise control.

The cameras on the Pro-4X Warrior are a treat. On top of a reversing camera, it also has a nifty 360-degree camera as well as an off-road monitor that is super handy for wheel placement when traversing some bush tracks.


Interior comfort levels present in the Pro-4X were impressive for a Ute yet not exactly unexpected for a hero car of this sort. Leather-appointed front seats featured heating options while the rear seat space was noticeably generous. The Warrior retains the original infotainment system of the Navara which is by no means lacking. Core features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity are available as well as an integrated navigation system. 

The most appealing features were practical in nature, like the secure tray lid to keep your valuables safe and out of sight. The rear tailgate is also exceptionally easy to operate with a powerful torsion bar doing the bulk of the heavy lifting resulting in what would have to be the lightest tailgate we've operated in recent times.

Where the Premcar upgrades undoubtedly show their value is off the blacktop amongst the trees. The benefit of a Pro-4X Warrior over any other Navara trim level is the lack of aftermarket upgrades needed to create a highly capable off-road machine. Premcar has increased the track width resulting in greater stability while the rejigged suspension boosts ground clearance and shock absorption to improve protection against larger impacts and prevent bottoming out. 

Traction is improved with the inclusion of aggressively-treaded Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tyres while Premcar has also fitted the Warrior with a handy tyre pressure monitoring system. Other bonus features include a winch-ready bull bar, an integrated light bar, and a custom red Navara-etched bash plate to complete the aggressive look. 

With all the extra pieces and the weight they carry, you'd expect a significant decrease in the payload. However, Nissan thought of this and has conveniently boosted GVM by 100 kilograms.


The Navara Pro-4X Warrior is currently on offer for $69,990 plus on-road costs, which lines up closely with its closest competitor in the Toyota HiLux Rogue. 

Some may want to compare the Pro-4X Warrior to the Ford Ranger Raptor yet we put the Raptor firmly in a different class primarily due to the considerable engine performance over the rest of the Utes on the market and the hefty price tag that goes along with it. 

The Pro-4X Warrior benefits from featuring all the extra accessories backed by the manufacturer's warranty while maintaining its high capacity 3.5-tonne towing capability - something the Raptor cannot attest to. 


Overall, the Nissan Navara Pro-4X Warrior offers a fully-loaded, off-road-ready 4x4 Ute that retains the key features of its standard Navara siblings. This is backed by its recent win in's inaugural 2023 Ute of the Year Awards for Best Ute Off-Road: Best Four-Cylinder.

Significant improvements to the design and engineering of the suspension system by Premcar have resulted in precise handling and a stable, high-performance ride.

If you're looking for a feature-rich, off-road 4x4 Ute straight out of the box that retains its tradie roots and doesn't cost an arm and a leg, the Navara Pro-4X Warrior might just be your vehicle of choice.

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