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Review: 2022 Next Gen Ford Ranger Raptor

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Review: 2022 Next Gen Ford Ranger Raptor

Winner of the 2023 Drive Car of the Year Award for Australia's Best Off-Road Dual-Cab Ute

The crowning glory in Ford’s Next Gen lineup has finally been released and, safe to say, it is an off-road weapon. The hotly anticipated 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor is an elite performance ute that, like its predecessor, is unmatched in its class.

Recently, we had the chance to test drive this new Raptor. There’s been a load of talk around this new Raptor’s off-road capabilities and rightfully so - it is an exceptionally competent vehicle on the loose stuff. However, with the majority of their time likely to be spent on sealed roads, we’ve chosen to focus on how it performs day-to-day around the streets of Brisbane.

Initial Impression

The first thing you notice about the Next Gen Raptor is its size. The Raptor is both taller and wider than the standard Ranger and you experience this completely with the elongated step you need to take just to enter the vehicle. Initially, the size may be a little daunting for some, until you sit in the driver’s seat and experience the vast field of view that is complemented by extra-large side mirrors and multiple cameras feeding a 360-degree view to your oversized infotainment screen.

The exterior dimensions lend themselves well to an open and spacious interior that can comfortably seat five adults. The front seats seem wider than standard and extra bolstering makes them exceptionally comfortable (and even the rear seats have been bolstered to provide extra support. On top of this, if you’re not happy with your seating position, you have an assortment of seat adjustment options to dial in the optimal position.


​The upgraded suspension system in the Raptor offers a ride far superior to your standard leaf-sprung setup found in the majority of utes on Australian roads (although this does come at a cost to towing capacity). Despite the performance-oriented build, the Raptor includes a suite of features that make it just as comfortable to drive on the road as it is off it.

Our preferred setup for cruising around the streets of Brisbane was the combination of “Comfort” steering mode, “Standard” suspension mode, and the “Quiet” exhaust option. While not at luxury sedan levels of comfort, we found this setup to be on par with some higher-spec SUVs which was impressive, to say the least. In contrast to its widely touted off-road performance, this adaptability is one of the main reasons why we think the Raptor is worth its premium price.

The key feature of the Raptor’s performance is its powertrain. The Raptor features an engine unique from the rest of its Next Gen brethren with a twin-turbo, 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine. This engine is a part of Ford’s EcoBoost range and is the defining factor in why the Raptor is unmatched in its class. 


The quality of materials used in the Raptor’s interior reflects its price with clean finishes and comfortable soft-touch points uniquely accented with Ford’s ‘Code Orange’ stitching and trim. The Raptor is stacked with many of the great features that Ford has already introduced across its Next Gen lineup of Rangers and Everests, plus a few more stand-out conveniences. For example, in addition to the standard cupholders in the centre console, the Raptor includes another set - one at each end of the dashboard - just below the air vents. Not only does this free up space in your centre console, but their placement under the air vents gives your beverage its own heating/cooling element. 

The huge 12-inch infotainment touchscreen powered by Ford’s SYNC 4 system is the perfect hub from which to control everything in your Raptor. It features Wireless Apple CarPlay that, in concert with the wireless charging station, is wildly convenient. The wireless charging station is also tucked away neatly in the nook below the infotainment screen giving your phone a dedicated and secure storage spot.


​The 2023 Ranger Raptor tops out of the Next Gen lineup in terms of cost at a driveaway price of $93,423. Eight exterior colours are available for an additional $700 except for Arctic White which comes at no extra cost. If you were to ask us, the Code Orange or Blue Lightning option suits the spirited Raptor the best, and for an even more dynamic look, you can add the Raptor decal pack for an extra $500. Finally, you can add more capable wheels with 17-inch forged Beadlock Capable Alloy wheels for $2,000 or a Power Roller Shutter to protect items in your rear tray for $3,500.


Overall, it’s hard not to be impressed with the 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor and, like its predecessor, continues to sit in a class of its own. Despite its generous dimensions, the Raptor performs considerably well in urban environments (however, it may be worth paying attention to car park height limits).

The ability to quell the performance and boost the comfort of your ride gives you a sense of satisfaction. While cruising around town, the knowledge that you have a monster twin-turbo V6 under the bonnet conjures up imagery of a sleeping dragon ready to be unleashed. It’s safe to say that the Next Gen Raptor is well worth the asking price and is arguably the best car to be released in 2022.

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