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Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Triton

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Review: 2019 Mitsubishi Triton


  • Completely redesigned
  • Safety Technology
  • Comfort & Off-road Capabilities


  • ​​Not the best numbers in class
  • Just a six-speed automatic

As one of the most popular utes in Australia the Triton, which makes changes anything about it a big deal. So when Mitsubishi decided to give it a full make-over they knew the risks. But they did the right thing, because the 2019 Triton looks aggressive, had more road presence and a prouder, bolder stance. By keeping the same reliable and trusted engine customers know what they’ll get, while the added safety technology and upgraded suspensions make the new Triton not only safer, but also more comfortable to drive.


The first thing you’ll notice when walking up to the all-new Triton is that it’s bigger.  Figure wise it’s not wider, but the bonnet does sit 100mm higher and because of the squarer, more pointy shape the lines are more accentuated. Mitsubishi has moved away from the add-on flares and made them part of the body, in the same colour. A major improvement in regards to looks, emphasized by all-new 18-inch rims with a good slab of rubber around them.

Inside, Mitsubishi made sure to include all the latest technology, both for safety as well as for entertainment. With a handy little extra: rear air-conditioning vents to make life for your passengers more comfortable.


The saying ‘never change a winning concept’ doesn’t really count for the 2019 Triton, but it does under the hood.  Mitsubishi decided to keep the familiar, tried and tested 2.4-litre turbo-diesel that delivers 133kW of power and 430Nm of torque. It might not be the most in its class, but will get you anywhere you need to go, especially paired with the new six-speed automatic.   

What Mitsubishi did improve even further is the Super Select 4WD-system, Mitsubishi's 'on the go' ability to flick between 2WD and 4WD without having to stop to change modes.   Without getting to the technical details, we can simply say that there are few obstacles the Triton cannot overcome. Very few.

The drive of the new Triton has also become a lot more comfortable, due to new suspension. Off-road, it excels in keeping the ride well planted and balanced, and on the tarmac, you feel that its smoother and more controlled. Combined with safety features like AEB (Autonomous Electronic Braking), blind-spot monitoring and rear-cross traffic alert, the Triton give you a safer, more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable ride then its predecessor. And it now has LED lighting for a cleaner look.


The cabin of the Triton is spacious too say the least. Even taller passengers will not have to put the seat back all the way and there is ample headspace. Fitting four adults in the dual cab isn’t an issue at all and the rear passengers will be happily surprised to find air conditioning vents in the roof - rare in most dual cabs utes we've tested.

It’s the front passengers that get to play with the 7.0-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto though and in the higher grades, electric seats. With keyless entry and a start-stop button you can leave the key in your pocket, while the controls on the steering wheel are easy to use and logically placed. More bolstered seats keep you in place even when moving around on a rough off road track, and on the road, they were comfortable to sit in, giving you plenty of support.


With a 20-variant range consisting us three body styles and four trim levels in either 4x2 or 4x4 the pricing of the Triton is equally wide.

It all starts with a single cab GLX 4x2 manual around $25k. Adding an automatic transmission to this will costs you $2500. A club cab sets you back at least around $35k, with the dual cab going for a bit more. The range tops out at the GLS Premium 4x4 Auto for just over $50k.

The Triton comes standard with 5 year/100,000 kilometre factory warranty, but for a limited time with 7 Years/150,000km warranty & 3 Years Capped Price Servicing.​


After four years the Triton could definitely use a refresh, but Mitsubishi went all-out on this one. They did a great job, not only making the 2019 Triton look better but also adding some safety and technology features it was waiting for. By keeping the same reliable engine there is no doubt about its capabilities, but by upgrading its 4WD-system, you can rest assured it will get you even further when going off the beaten track. We can’t wait to take it there. No wonder Wheels Magazine voted it 'Best Value Dual Cab Ute' for 2019.

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