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Review: 2014 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series GXL

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Review: 2014 Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series GXL

For well over 50 years, the Toyota Landcruiser has been conquering the Australian landscape and it remains to be the best selling in its class by a long way.

Available in a number of different variations, our GXL Turbo Diesel model provides an introduction into the 4WD prowess and refinement that’s found in this 4WD legend.

With seating for 8, two fuel tanks, full time 4WD and ice cold air-conditioning throughout, we knew that even before heading out for our review, that whether it was transporting the family or heading out west, we were well equipped with the Landcruiser.


The Toyota Landcruiser look is iconic and there’s no avoiding the pure size and presence that it possesses.

Even for a taller person, the 4WD towers over you and you quickly start gaining respect for what can double as a large luxury vehicle and a hardcore off-roader.

To get into the Landcruiser, you’ll have to hope that high jump competition at school has rubbed off on you. It’s not easy to get into, even with the handles within reach to assist you, but when you do make it in, you’ll be glad that you did.​

Space is vast, and so is the interior of the Landcruiser. It’s simply massive, and there will be no complaints from the kids with everyone receiving a generous helping of personal space.

Whilst in the GXL model, there is a good deal of plastic to be found, it still remains to be comfortable and easy to settle into. Perfect for those long trips.


After you’ve acquainted yourself, you’re ready to go and to take on whatever the journey throws at you.  The twin turbo-diesel V8 engine that produces 227kW of power and 439Nm of torque is able to deliver power solidly right up until you reach 100km/h.

Once at cruising speed, you then realise how the name Landcrusier must have come about, as that is what it does. It cruises across the land like a ship on the ocean. The suspension and big 4WD tyres are able to eat bumps and knocks almost completely from the cabin, even making rough dirt tracks smooth enough to put some of your passengers to sleep.

Whilst it did require some practice to be able to park the Landcruiser into tight and narrow spaces, we never once had to abandon an attempt. There’s plenty of visibility and a tight turning circle (for its size) to help you out.​

If you ever plan to venture off-road, you’re looking in the right place. The Landcruiser and its rival, the Nissan Patrol, are the picks in rural towns. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, you’ll have the best chance of finding parts and having someone to fit them for you.

Plus, there’s the proven reliability of the Landcruiser, and just like the Hilux, these things run forever.


With the Landcruiser, practicality is a no brainer. Not only is there enough room for 8 people, there’s two fuel tanks giving you 1500km’s of range using the V8 diesel, and there’s a truck load of genuine Toyota and third-party accessories at your disposal.  Not to mention it’s 3.5 tonne towing capability that has made the vehicle of choice for many a grey nomad.

Our review model, for example, had fitted the genuine bullbar with winch, roof racks, 3500kg tow bar, and rubber floor coverings plus the standard navigation to complete the look and spec that’s ready to head west.​

One thing we particularly loved was the split tailgate. Unlike some others with large doors that swing upwards or outwards, that can become a nuisance. Being split not only takes up less room, but also makes loading items really easy. Plus, the fold down section doubles as a great bench or seat!

Even with the bigger footprint on the ground, it still remains to be an easy 4WD to drive and navigate with. Just make sure, you have an empty garage though – as it will need all the room it can get!


Priced in the low to mid $90,000s drive away, the Landcruiser GXL isn’t a vehicle that chooses value over practicality or functionality. It’s heavy duty in its design, and modular to accept a huge variety of accessories to suit the many buyers and their needs. Confirm with the team at Motorama Toyota for an exact driveaway price.

Plus, there’s nothing that comes close anymore to the size and heritage that this 4WD has.


If you need or want a serious 4WD, or if you need 8 seats and don’t want a people mover the choice is simple, the Toyota Landcruiser is a class leader and a continuation of the incredible Landcruiser name.

It’s built and designed to last generations and to never let you down, and during our review that explored 800km’s of highway, national park tracks and car parks, we grew to truly appreciate how good it is

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