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5 Things We Love About the 2023 Kia Seltos

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5 Things We Love About the 2023 Kia Seltos

The Kia Seltos has received a mid-life facelift for 2023 featuring updated styling plus an all-new turbocharged engine and upgraded automatic transmission. 

These latest updates keep the Seltos in a very competitive position in its segment as Kia continues to improve essential features like space, practicality and style. With that being said, we've put together a short list of features that we love and think will be highly appealing to a wide audience.


In today's market, encountering a new passenger car that includes a full-size spare wheel is becoming increasingly uncommon.

​Manufacturers are opting to forgo this convenience for a space-saver wheel or simply just a tyre repair kit instead, and marketing it under the guise of boosting space and decreasing weight. While these may be considered advantages for some, they are outweighed by the peace of mind of a full-size spare, at least for the writer of this article and we think some more DIY-oriented customers may agree. 

So we're happy to note that all trim levels of the 2023 Kia Seltos apart from the base level feature a full-size spare wheel neatly tucked away in the boot.


The level of technology featured in cars these days is impressive so it's no wonder wireless charging stations have entered the fray. The convenience is outstanding and the lack of charging cables in your centre console keeps everything tidy. 

We know there's nothing worse than leaving the house and noticing you forgot to charge your phone overnight. With a wireless charging station, simply drop your phone in place and charge it on your commute. 

It also doubles as a designated space for your phone and nothing is better than knowing exactly where something should be.


Kia recently launched their latest connectivity services suite in Australia known as Kia Connect. The service is currently complimentary for seven years on applicable models in line with the manufacturer's seven-year warranty and is packed with innovative features that enhance your Kia experience.

Looking to cool down your car before a drive on a hot day? Just remotely activate your Kia's air-conditioning via the app. Forgot where you parked after a big day of shopping? Use the augmented reality experience to guide you directly to your car. You can even set a geofence when you loan out the car so you can keep tabs on your kids when they borrow the car for an evening!

It really is - as Kia puts it - your digital co-pilot.


In our experience, Kia's advanced safety technology suite has been one of the most complete systems in the market today. 

Every Seltos trim level features the following as standard: blindspot monitoring, speed sign recognition, rear-cross traffic alert, front and rear parking sensors, driver attention alert, plus lane-keeping assist and autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection. 

On top of this, you'll get advanced autonomous braking and driver attention monitoring features if you opt for any model above the base level.


Like all Kia models upon introduction to Australia, the Kia Seltos has undergone a rigorous tuning process to better suit Australian roads, conditions and even Aussie driving styles. 

Kia's implementation of this program plays a major role in driver satisfaction and Kia's Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith, has stated that this "has attributed significantly to the grown in [Kia's] overall sales."

This didn't go unnoticed in our own review of the Seltos as we found it to have quite a responsive ride with subdued noise and reassuring stability despite some of the rougher roads being driven.

Overall, Kia put together a competitive upgrade for the 2023 face-lift model of the Kia Seltos.

​There are plenty of great features available in this high-tech, family SUV regardless of trim level and Kia's depth in advanced safety features means that you and your family will be safe in any of their models. 

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