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3 Things We Love About the All-New Toyota bZ4X

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3 Things We Love About the All-New Toyota bZ4X

The Toyota bZ4X has arrived in our showrooms, heralding a new era of pure electric vehicles for Toyota.

As we explore this innovative new vehicle, let's delve into three key aspects that we love about it.

Room to Roam

Step inside the Toyota bZ4X, and you'll notice the spacious cabin with a broad layout and ample legroom. 

Passengers are treated to a comfortable and airy environment perfect for long journeys and the benefit of wide doors for easy entry and exit. 

Rear passengers enjoy expansive legroom, a two-stage reclining backrest, and a flat rear floor for easier storage or passenger movement. 

The cargo space is listed at a substantial 421 litres, ensuring you have plenty of room for all your belongings. 

Despite the lack of a glovebox, the bZ4X comes with a nifty storage area under the centre tunnel.

Confident Cruiser

The Toyota bZ4X delivers instant, smooth, and lag-free acceleration without the sudden initial jerk often exhibited by EVs upon take-off. 

The e-TNGA dedicated battery electric vehicle platform ensures greater rigidity and a low centre of gravity, resulting in improved handling and stability. 

Responsive steering and suspension tuned for comfort and performance means you'll enjoy a smooth and composed ride even on challenging terrain. 

Braking is intuitive, feeling very natural underfoot, unlike other EV models that exhibit a stark difference between regular and regenerative braking.

Carefree Car Plan

Enjoy peace of mind and worry-free EV ownership with the option of Toyota's Full-Service Lease. 

With this program, running costs including servicing, maintenance, insurance, registration, and roadside assistance are bundled into one simple monthly payment. 

The other major benefit that Toyota is assisting with is reducing the anxiety associated with having to resell an EV in the future in a market with a poor perception of used EV batteries. 

Whether you're a seasoned electric vehicle enthusiast or new to the world of EVs, the Toyota bZ4X's leasing options offer a stress-free way to enjoy all the benefits of driving a cutting-edge electric SUV.

Overall, the Toyota bZ4X stands out as a fresh take in the world of electric SUVs, from a manufacturer known for getting things right.

Experience the bZ4X for yourself at Motorama Toyota today.

Book a test drive, chat with a sales representative, or go ahead and place your order - you won't be disappointed.

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