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Welcome to Motopool

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Welcome to Motopool

Motorama has launched a new subscription service which is a new concept in Australia, called Motopool. At Motopool we believe that you want choice, flexibility and simplicity in your life. Car subscription is the latest and smartest alternative to car ownership. We will give you the level of access to a car that is just like ownership, but fully limits the costs associated with that.

Subscribing to a vehicle with Motopool will take all the 'life-admin' that is associated with car ownership off your hands. We've look after all the registration renewals, insurance matters and maintenance and servicing responsibilities and all that you’re required to do is pay a weekly plan fee to cover all of this.

Motopool offers you access to three different plans to cover you no matter what your needs and budget. To break it down, our plans are tailored primarily towards how many km’s you are likely to travel in a week. Your total premium willalso increase, depending on the value of the vehicle you pick. We can also change this plan type for you at any stage during your term, for no additional cost, giving you the ultimate flexibility.


  • Sign up online for free with our super quick and easy identification & credit check – it takes 2 minutes via the Motopool website
  • Book your ride – we have a range of cars to suit your lifestyle. Our plans also give you the flexibility to select one that works best with your needs and budget. Once you have decided on the car and plan, you pay your upfront security deposit & get ready to collect your new ride.
  • Be on the road in 48 hours & enjoy. Our concierge team will have you in your new car, fully detailed with a full tank of fuel before you know it. All you have to do is pay a weekly subscription fee and we take care of everything else, so you can use the car as if it’s your own.


1) Quick and easy.We can have you approved online in 2 minutes

2) No lengthy waiting periods!We have a range of cars ready to go - we won’t hit you with a last minute delay in delivery

3) Our plans give you the ultimate flexibilityWhatever your vehicle needs, we have the solution for you

4) Always here for you!Our helpful concierge team is here for you rain, hail or shine

Where ownership of a car is a long term commitment, you're limited to one car, you've got the expenses of ongoing maintenance and it's difficult and often costly to change cars, Motopool is different. You can cancel or pause the monthly subscription at any time after your initial 3 month term, have access to a range of cars to suit your lifestyle and one simply weekly payment that covers all expenses. Choice, flexibility and simplicity. All you do is pay for fuel and any trip related expenses as you go.

"We have seen a shift in the way consumers view owning a car vs using mobility solutions. Australians traditionally like to own their vehicles so that they have access to them at all times, but also have very active and varied lifestyles. With a subscription you are able to get the best of both worlds - permanent access to a vehicle hassle free and with the ability to not lock into one certain vehicle and match you car to your lifestyle", says Motopool's General Manager Caleb Gunn. To find out more, get in touch with Motopool

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