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On the Mark: Pre-Owned

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On the Mark: Pre-Owned

  At Motorama, we've rebranded our Used Car business model to be more transparent.  One key proposition has been moving the business to a haggle free pricing model.  We’ve copped a bit of flack with people thinking that if they can’t haggle, they won’t get a deal. And that’s what I’d like to talk a bit about today

Motorama Pre-Owned now prices to market.   What that means is this. If you research a particular make and model across the market, you’ll quickly come to a price range that is seen as fair in the current market. We price in that range, depending on the special features that each vehicle offers.

It is the overall market that prices the car and that value goes up and down depending on supply and demand. We can explain our price to you and show you why we believe any particular car is good value. It’s transparent. It’s immediate.

But do you know the best thing about the end of haggling? I visited the US last year to check out changes in the pre-owned market and one dealer I spoke to gave me the best reason to go to haggle free.

​He said "Mark. It’s just fair. It doesn’t matter whether the customer is an 18 year old buying their first car or the managing director of a big company. Everyone gets the chance to buy at the same price."

"The price you pay is not based on negotiating skills – it’s the same for everyone. No more going backwards and forwards – no more ‘Let me check with my Manager. It’s just fair.’

That’s what I believe too. We do check the market every two weeks or so to see if the price is still representative – and prices sometimes go up or down with the market.

No haggle means everybody is offered the same chance to buy – at the same price. And that price is driven by the market. We like that. We hope you will too. But the proof is already there!

Mark Woelders

Managing Director


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