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Motorama Toyota Delivers First Hydrogen-fuelled FCEV in Queensland

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Motorama Toyota Delivers First Hydrogen-fuelled FCEV in Queensland

In early December 2023, Motorama Toyota had the pleasure of delivering the first hydrogen-fuelled Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) to the very first Queensland-based customer, civil engineering firm, Seymour Whyte.

Motorama Toyota was handpicked to prepare, deliver and service Seymour Whyte's new Mirai throughout the lease reflecting the dealership's excellence in pre-delivery, servicing and fleet management.

 Motorama Toyota pre-delivery and service technicians were put through specialised training on new hydrogen systems to allow them to safely and effectively maintain these new vehicles.

"We're proud to be selected to handle the delivery and management of the first Mirai in Queensland," Motorama Toyota Fleet Sales Manager, Kent Kauffman, has said. "It's a testament to our pursuit of excellence, dedication to improving our capabilities as a dealership, and an investment in the professional development of our staff."

Ravi Prasad, National Environment and Sustainability Manager of Seymour Whyte has said, "Our focus isn't just on innovation for its own sake. We're diving deep into understanding the potential of hydrogen technology. Through proactive trials, we aim to make well-informed, strategic decisions that help integrate these technologies sustainably into our operations."

As Toyota globally embarks on its journey to zero emissions by 2030 and beyond, the advanced hydrogen-fuelled Toyota Mirai is being offered in limited numbers on a three-year lease arrangement to forward-thinking businesses and organisations to experience the zero-emission sedan in real-world, daily driving conditions.

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