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Motorama's Hay Drive Great Success

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Motorama's Hay Drive Great Success

Early morning in Aratula, next to the local hotel, a semi-trailer is waiting for the 4X4XMORE Club to arrive. As the 4X4's and ute’s start rolling in and the cover gets pulled back' 2100 bales of hay are revealed. Solely depending on manpower' they’re unloaded into the back of utes or on the roof. This is the start of the Motorama Hay Drive, heading to Killarney to help local drought affected farmers.

​Motorama has always been about supporting the community, so when the news of a drought gripping many parts of Australia, and close to 60% of Queensland, reached us, we decided to help.  Motorama donated a bale of hay for every car sold throughout August, and together with the Lions Club of Killarney, we reached out to local drought affected farmers to offer them our help. 

This wasn't going to work without the help of our Motorama customers and the 4X4XMORE Club.

​Over the course of just three weeks, thanks largely to our customers and donations, we managed to arrange 2100 bales of hay from Horton Hay.   

Carter’s Transport and Volvo Trucks offered to help with the transport of this massive amount of hay, next to the convoy in which more than 70 customers with their 4x4's participated. 

After loading up we headed off to Killarney - ironically, in the rain and with the wipers on.

​​Driving out west, it became clear how much damage the drought is causing.

Scorched earth, barren, dry. It became silent on the radio. Though the welcome of many people in the streets of Killarney and over 90 farmers was welcoming, you could see they were in dire need of this relief.

Motorama COO Costa Pappas was one the participants in the convoy:

"The drought sweeping Queensland is closer to home than we all think and this was evident on our way to and in Killarney. In addition to the hay, we also raised $10,000 for the Queensland Country Woman’s Association who are also in need of support. They work tirelessly in the background to support rural families."

After delivering the hay and a fundraiser lunch at the Killarney Hotel, the 4X4XMORE Club finished the day off with a run along the 14 Creek Crossings of the Condamine River / Queen Mary Falls circuit.

It was a great end to a successful day that left everybody with a good feeling of helping out those in need. A feeling shared by the whole Motorama Group.

Want more tips and tricks on how to use your 4X4? Join the 4X4XMORE Club on a tag-along tour or on their camping weekend to Gordon Country.

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