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Motorama 4x4 Test Track opens at Jeep Moorooka

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Motorama 4x4 Test Track opens at Jeep Moorooka

A dedicated 4x4 Test Track has opened at Motorama Jeep Moorooka. With several obstacles to test the off road capabilities of our Jeep range, it's the perfect place to experience the Jeep lifestyle.


The Jeep brand joined the Motorama line up late in 2019. With Motorama's already strong suite of brands, plus it's 60 year reputation & legacy in Brisbane, the addition of Jeep was a great fit to complement the existing brands.  

It is also an exciting time for Jeep, with a major brand relaunch and a number of new products just landing, or in the pipeline.  The all new Jeep Wrangler was recently released, and will add a dual cab tray body option next year. The new Jeep Gladiator 'ute' launched in June, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been now recognised as the "World's Most Awarded SUV" ever, and will also receive a new model in 2020.


"Part of the appeal of the Jeep brand has been the strong link to the lifestyle it opens the driver up to. Driving off road, with the roof off, is such an iconic Jeep image. So when we first toyed with the idea of adding the Jeep brand, the idea to incorporate a 4WD test track became more and more obvious."

"It has been nine years since our first 4x4 track at our flagship 4x4xMORE store on Beaudesert Road got inundated during the 2011 Queensland floods. With the arrival of one of the most famous off road brands, the perfect moment was there", Mark Woelders, Motorama Managing Director.


Creating a track that best replicates the off road is no easy task.

"Luckily, our in-house Motorama 4x4xMORE team of experts have experience in track design, and had significant input into designing the track", Mark added.

Taking on the 4x4 Test Track means first tackling a 20' approach incline in low-range, before turning on the hill descent control, to slowly creep down on the other side.  The next section allows you to experience the suspension flex, with the carefully laid out moguls and holes, designed to fully emphasise the Jeep's wheel articulation. 

From here, the Jeep traverses the uneven logs, set at varying heights to give you a feel of just how stable & smooth the suspension rides, before continuing onto the loose boulder rock garden, emulating a dry river crossing. Whilst the track is compact, there are enough obstacles to let you experience the full 4x4 Jeep capabilities, without having to go off-road.


"Another part of the Jeep brand that we felt really gelled with Motorama, was the appeal of the 4x4xMORE Club to Jeep Owners".

Several years ago, based on customer feedback that many owners simply didn't know how, nor have the confidence, to take their 4x4 off-road and enjoy some of South-East Queensland's most iconic locations, the team created the concept of the Motorama 4x4xMORE Club. Essentially, any customer who purchases a 4x4 from Motorama, or services their 4x4 with the team, are eligible for complimentary membership into the club. Club Members are invited on regular day trips to locations like Double Island Point, Moreton Island, Scenic Rim Adventure Park, Gordon Country and the like, to experience and learn 4x4 driving techniques, off-road etiquette, as well as recovery techniques using a snatch strap and recovery boards.

Any new, demonstrator or Pre-Owned Jeep purchased from the Motorama Jeep stores at Moorooka or Springwood, gain complimentary access to the club, and are welcome to attend club events.


With the creation of a dedicated 4x4 Test Track, the Jeep dealership in Moorooka now has a genuinely unique feature to really experience the 4x4 capabilities of the Jeep range.

With our Springwood dealership recently opening a brand new Jeep showroom, both locations have received a warm welcome into the Motorama family, and we cannot wait to take some of the cars out on our upcoming 4x4xMORE tours.

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