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Introducing Motorama Pre-Owned

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Introducing Motorama Pre-Owned

You know the feeling you get when you sit behind the wheel of a car for the very first time. It looks good, it feels good! It’s exciting! You can’t wait to see how it performs on the road.

Well that’s exactly the way we feel at Motorama as we launch Motorama Pre-Owned.

For some time now we’ve been very aware that the used car business is changing. People are shopping for pre-owned cars in a very different way.

It’s no longer a question of visiting a dealership and seeing what’s available. It’s more about detailed research on line and tracking down a particular car.

"And when people find what they want, they expect the price on display is the price to pay. Haggling backwards and forwards about money is a thing of the past", says Motorama CEO Mark Woelders.

So over the last 12 months we’ve developed Motorama Pre-Owned. We are suggesting to you that it is the new way to buy a used car.

"We are selling cars people can feel confident about. They can have confidence in quality and feel confident that our prices have been set to the current market.

We've got lots more to share about our new business. Stay tuned..." - Mark Woelders.

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