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Going Green at Motorama

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Going Green at Motorama

Design principal behind Motorama’s flagship dealership at Moorooka was to create an innovative and sustainable dealership that minimised Motorama’s impact to the local environment and aligned with our brand values. One of Motorama’s key brand values is ‘GO GREEN’.

To ensure the dealership aligned to this principle, a number of sustainable design elements were incorporated throughout the site.

Our goal was to ensure that the dealership layout created an environment that maximises our customers experience through a relaxed and innovative shopping experience with minimal impact to the local environment. Some of the key design principals incorporated into our new facility include:

Bio Retention Basins

Basins have been installed to filter contaminants & sediments from rain or storm water runoff from the concrete display areas.

The rainwater is collected into the treatment area which consists of a sand bed, ponding area, mulch layer, planting soil, and plants. This ensures that the run off back into the ground water and surrounding soil is clean.

Focus on natural lighting

Significant use of glass panels, open area’s, sky lighting & high ceilings have reduced our dependency on artificial lighting & power, creating a number of open and free flowing spaces throughout the dealership.

Alternative energy sources

Installed on the roof of our sustainable car wash, solar panels convert sunlight into energy. The power generated via solar is used to power the car wash facility.

Vegetation & green space use

We have planted water wise plants throughout the site to ensure that adequate green spaces existed to soften the feel of the dealership, and to create a relaxing environment.

Architectural Design

The unique facade on the Motorama Toyota facility was designed to reduce the impact of the afternoon western sun onto the showroom.

Water harvesting

Ensuring our expansive rooflines could be used to harvest rainwater was critical in the design. The rainwater tanks at the dealership have the capacity to harvest & store 500,000L of water, reducing the reliance on mains water supplies.

This water is used through the carwash and to water the extensive green spaces.

Sustainable car wash

Capable of washing 500 vehicles per day, the onsite car wash predominantly uses recycled ‘rain harvested’ water & solar power.

Outdoor Connectivity

To help create a productive working environment for our staff, we have connected to the outdoors through integrating green spaces & connecting the service department & customer lounge via a relaxing outdoor alfresco area.

Environmentally sustainable design

Low volatile organic compounds & recycled materials were used as the main building material throughout the dealership.

Dimmer lights, automatic lighting, LED lighting are some other elements that contributed to the ongoing sustainability design. Additional insulation has been included in the walls & roof to help maintain a constant temperature, reducing our reliance on air conditioning systems and providing built in ‘climate control’.


Staff & customers actively recycle throughout the dealership. Recycle bins are provided in the customer lounges, and dedicated recycling bins are placed through the dealership from individual offices to communal staff lunch rooms.

Toyota Environmental Dealership

The Motorama Toyota site at Moorooka was awarded Toyota’s prestigious 5 STAR Environmental Dealership Award.

South East Queensland’s first 5 star dealership, and one of only a handful of dealers nationally to receive this award, it recognises dealers who have developed an environmentally sustainable dealership & implemented Green values to Toyota’s strict standards.

Green Stamp Level 2 – Beyond Compliance

Motorama City Holden has been recognised for achieving the Green Stamp Level 2, an environmental accreditation developed by the Motor Trade Associations & Government agencies to assist dealerships in reducing their environmental impact.

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