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Community Fundraising Drive 2020

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Community Fundraising Drive 2020

Supporting our local community is one of the core values at Motorama. Every year, through our Community Donation Program, we donate $100,000 to four local charities that all do wonderful things within our community. 

Anybody that purchased a car from Motorama Pre-Owned during 2020 could vote for one of the four local charities.  Choosing just one charity for us to contribute to is most guests hardest decision.  

At the end of the year the votes are counted and the Community Donation split was:

Starlight: 48.3%

White Cloud Foundation: 17.1%

McGrath Foundation: 15.8%

Foodbank: 18.9%


The Starlight Children's Foundation - with Motorama being a founding partner of the Starlight Express Room at the Queensland's Children's Hospital - aims to help brighten the lives of seriously ill children, teenagers and their families. Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness, turning pain, fear and stress into fun, joy and laughter.

Tracey Tomlin, State Partnerships Manager of the Starlight Children’s Foundation, received the cheque from Motorama Group Training Manager, Damian Woelders and members of the Motorama Team:

"Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts delivered early. Such a thoughtful and caring thing to do and it will definitely create some joy and happiness this Christmas time for the children that are stuck in hospital. So very special. The huge donation was another amazing surprise and will help brighten the hospital experience of over 1,200 sick kids. Allowing Starlight to make the hospital experience a less scary one, & provides an opportunity for the families to reconnect. They can take a break from the stress, pain of hospitalisation and treatment, and forget their illness.   Because happiness matters now more than ever."

There is a Starlight Express Room in every children’s hospital in Australia. These bright, medical free havens run by Captain Starlight, are filled with fun, music, games and arts and crafts. While doctors treat a child’s illness, our super hero Captain Starlight entertains the children with an essential dose of laughter, play and creativity.

Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you stop being a kid, and it shouldn’t mean missing out on all the fun of childhood. Starlight helps sick kids simply be kids. We replace pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laugher. Because happiness matters.

Starlight knows there is more to treating an illness than just medicine, that is why they work hand in hand with health professionals. Play, art, games and creativity are all important to a child’s wellbeing and that helps overall health too. Starlight disrupts the relentless cycle of pain, stress and trauma and offers a welcome break so that kids can simply be kids.

When a once-bright life becomes dulled by needles, hospital visits and painful treatments, Starlight helps sick kids forget their illness and re-discover the joy of childhood.


White Cloud Foundation provides practical support to people at risk of, or experiencing depression. In Brisbane, their Meals for Mums Program provides nutritious home delivered meals to Mum's at risk of perinatal depression. CEO Adam Scott smiled while Damian handed him the cheque:

"White Cloud Foundation is truly grateful to Motorama for its ongoing support, and we would particularly like to thank those Motorama customers who voted for White Cloud to benefit from its fundraising efforts in 2020. With the over $17,000 that has been donated, White Cloud will be able to expand on its Meals for Mums program. The money will buy 10 meals each for 274 mums suffering from either post-natal depression or depression during their pregnancy."

These meals are just one of the ways White Cloud provides practical support for people suffering depression in Queensland. Donations, such as this generous one from Motorama and its customers, will also enable White Cloud to develop its tele-mental health service called STRATUS. This has the potential to make a major difference to people suffering from depression and anxiety in rural and remote areas, like farmers affected by drought, and many of those who have been affected by the recent bushfires."


Foodbank Queensland is the largest and most trusted hunger relief charity in Queensland. Each year, Foodbank sources and provides over 14 million kilograms of essential groceries to a large network of front-line charities to support 1 in 5 Queenslanders who are in crisis. Foodbank Queensland also runs a School Breakfast Program. Delivered in over 300 schools, this program feeds more than 29,000 children every week.

Hunger in our local community is a very real problem. Last year, Foodbank helped provide enough food for over 25 million meals. But they want to do so much more, explains Kim Reid, Impact and Development Manager at Foodbank Queensland:

"Foodbank Queensland is grateful for the support of Motorama customers donating almost $19,000. With partners like Motorama, Foodbank Queensland can continue to provide the most food to the most Queenslanders in need in the most efficient and effective ways. The most shocking figure about Queensland hunger is how little it takes to help. Every $1 donated to Foodbank can be turned into two nutritious meals for a Queenslander suffering from hunger. Thank you to Motorama for continuing to support our communities.”


Last but not least, the McGrath Foundation. They raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they're needed right across Australia and seek to increase breast health understanding.


"On behalf of the Motorama Charity Foundation, I'd like to thank all our Motorama Pre-Owned Retail teams and customers for helping choose how we supported our four charities", said Damian Woelders. "We are very proud to donate this money to these worthwhile causes and will continue to do the same in 2021."

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