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What's a Dealer Demonstrator Car?

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What's a Dealer Demonstrator Car?

There are new cars, which are fresh out of a factory, and used cars that have been bought and driven by someone else at some point in the past.

But what are demonstrator or ‘demo’ cars?

Demonstrator cars are dealer stock that have been registered, but not sold, and are kept at the dealership as vehicles for test drives, for management staff as company cars or as service loan cars. Either way, the vehicles haven’t been driven too far out on the road, nor have they been pushed hard in punishing conditions.

But there are some limitations to demonstrator models that you should know about before you sign the dotted line.


Dealer demonstrators cannot be more than two years old (from its build date), and cannot have over 5000kms. If the vehicle you’re looking at is anything other than this, it’s not a dealer demonstrator, and is just a used car – which is fine too, you’ll just have to perform your pre-purchase inspection a little more thoroughly.


Demonstrator models will most likely come with their new car warranty, however – because the vehicle has already been registered, which is when your new car warranty begins, you will miss out on however long the car has been registered for. Generally, dealerships like to clear out demonstrators within a couple of months, so the warranty won’t be shortened considerably, and it’s fully transferable to you if you decide to purchase – but it is worth considering if that’s something that you don’t feel comfortable compromising with on your car purchase.


When you go in to buy a new car, you’re presented with all the options: what colour you want, any additional features or accessories you’d like to add on to a vehicle. When you buy a demonstrator model, you don’t get the same level of choice, because the car has already been built and is on sale.

If you want a car built with specific accessories and options, then you’re probably better off talking with a salesperson about a new car – but if you’re generally happy with whatever comes standard on a model of a car, particularly on a top-spec model, plus having a few options that are usually an additional cost (such as premium paint) then a demonstrator model can save you up to thousands of dollars from a new model.

To see a list of dealer demonstrators that are ready to test drive, or take home for yourself – see the demos available at Motorama to take out for a spin.

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