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The Best Everyday Driving Apps

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The Best Everyday Driving Apps

Ever found yourself wondering “why isn’t there an app for that?” Even though we can’t give answers for all those no-app-yet related frustrations (I’m still holding out for an app that lets me read people’s minds), we have found 5 brilliant apps on the Australian app store that can help you get from A to B safely, on time and with a car spot!

I know, you might be wondering how on earth that is possible, but with a little bit of electronic wizardry we bring to you, the solution for some of the driving world’s most pressing issues.

Got a learner driver?

Is someone you know learning to drive? This handy app called Australian Driving Tests is ranked the number one “Driver Test App in Australia”, so if you’re looking to train yourself (or someone else) for a driver test in one of many vehicle license types, then look no further! It features over 2600 unique questions, which randomly generate to create unique tests every time and does not require the internet for use!

Avoid traffic, before you’re stuck in it!

No one likes to be stuck in traffic, at least I haven’t met anyone who does anyway. Snarl is a handy app which helps you avoid traffic jams by providing real-time traffic information to the states along the Eastern Coast of Australia. It gives you spoken updates for traffic conditions ahead and around you, in case you need to avoid a congested road, or are looking for an alternative way to travel home. Pre-plan your route and the app will inform you with traffic updates until you reach your destination, as well as being able to set up traffic alerts for specific areas, suburbs or streets. Definitely worth checking out if you live near or have to travel using busy roads.

Parking made easy

Have a hard time parking in Brisbane City? Rather than pray a metre will be available when you get to your destination, book into Secure P Parking through your phone! For the same great online discount, you can now book a parking space anytime, anywhere and on the go with their phone app GoSecure. Featuring options to search for the best rate or the closest park, this app is here to help you book into one of over 250 Australian or New Zealand Secure Parking locations. GoSecure will provide you all the information you need about the parking facility from opening hours to early bird specials and weekend parking rates, as well as keeping track of the floor and parking spot your vehicle is in, what more could you ask for!

Cops in your palm

Have you ever been in an accident and needed the police to come out and take a look at the damage before you can go? The Police Link app is a portal to Triple Zero as well as Policelink and the Hoon Line, it also sports features such as a messaging facility to the Policelink Contact Centre, reporting suspicious activity and submitting eye witness images, as well as other handy features. This app is great for sending pictures of minor crash damage to the Queensland Police without the need for an officer on duty to come out and assess the damage before you can drive on, saving you and the police force time when an accident occurs. More suited for general purpose reporting however, this app is helpful on multiple fronts ad definitely worth the download.

Who’s the better driver?

We all have that ‘special someone’ who we think we drive better than, well now you have you way to prove it (or maybe lose it!). The AAMI safe driver app is not only beneficial to AAMI customers looking to receive free roadside assist, it also rates your everyday driving and provide you with feedback relating to how good or bad your driving is, a pat on the back or a reality check to be specific. This great free app is designed to aid your driving and improve your driving skills by: using accelerometer functions to compare your car’s speed to the road’s limit, assess the smoothness of your braking and acceleration, track your breaks during drives to help counter fatigue and limit the use of your phone during driving by recording when you are using the phone itself and not a hands free device (it knows the difference!). Not only is this a good app for learner drivers to use, it can help keep everyone’s skills sharp no matter how long you have been driving, definitely give this one a try.

  With these 5 great app picks, you cant go wrong getting from A to B, safely and smoothly. For more great driving apps, read about our Great Apps for on the Road or the Policelink app.

Remember to never use your phone at the wheel, and keep driving safely! If you have any questions about how to connect your smartphone into your car, check out our guides to multimedia systems; or just stop one of our friendly Service Advisors when you're next in for a service!  

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