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Steps to a New Car Purchase

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Steps to a New Car Purchase

​So, you’re in the market for a new car? Fantastic! But do you actually know what you get into when you decide on your new wheels?

Here’s a little rundown of everything that happens behind the scenes before you get your keys.

1.  Sign your purchase contract and make a deposit

After you’ve picked out what car you want, what colour you want it in and what accessories or options you want to add on; you’ll be required to sign a contract stating the exact car you’re purchasing and the estimated delivery date of the vehicle (i.e. when you can drive it away.) It is likely that the dealership will ask you for a ‘holding deposit’ at this stage, in order to secure the purchase.  

2.  Arrange funds

After you’ve paid a deposit; you will generally be required to pay the full amount on the vehicle before you can drive off the lot – generally we’ll ask you to clear the balance a couple of days before delivery to make it as smooth as possible when it comes time to drive away.

For some people, this means that you’ll have to take out a loan for part or all of the vehicle cost. Motorama has dedicated business managers at all our dealerships who can take you through the steps to understand a finance option to suit your needs, lifestyle and repayment ability.

3.  Sourcing your dream car

The best part of buying new means you get to pick exactly what colour, trim, bells and whistles you want – it’s your car, you decide.

As one of Queensland’s largest automotive dealers, Motorama has the power to select from a huge range of new, so we probably have exactly what you want on hand.

In addition to our new car stock, Motorama maintains a range of demonstrator cars that have just been used to show how great the model is to customers – these can offer awesome value and get you into the latest model if one is available.

4.  One last check

New cars need to have a final check, detailing, cleaning and installation of any specialist software – so that it’s delivered in perfect condition from the factory to you. Our factory-trained technicians know what goes where, so everything will be working just as it should.  

5.  Save the date

I know you’re excited to drive away that day, but brand new cars need a little time to get them ready from the factory. Motorama will provide you with an estimated delivery time when you sign your purchase contract, which will vary depending on how specific your order is.

Delivery times can vary – if we can get it from a Motorama dealership, it could be as little as a few days to just finish cleaning, accessorizing  and detailing, while a special factory-order vehicle could take up to 8 weeks.​

6. Taking delivery

It’s here! A brand new car, fresh out of the box, to call your very own. But there are still some things we need to run through at the dealership before you can get going.

Your dealer or sales person will need a couple of hours to make sure everything is up to scratch on your new car. We’ll take you through the features, make sure any factory fitted accessories are exactly where they should be and finalise any documents that need to be signed.

The business manager will also sit down to finish up the financials and clear up any questions you might have. This will probably include warranties as well as insurance (CTP or otherwise) to protect your brand new car on the drive home from the lot.

And that’s it! You’ve got a brand new car to drive! We can’t wait to catch up at your first service to hear all about your travels.

If you have any further questions about the car buying process, the friendly team at Motorama can help guide you through the new car buying process and answer all your questions about anything from factory fitted features to finance.

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