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Motorama Pitstop: Yatala Drive-In

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Motorama Pitstop: Yatala Drive-In

We all love a good night at the movies, though the drive-in movies seem to be making way for big 3D, high tech cinemas. Fear not! There are a handful of the old-school drive-in theatres around and showing the latest blockbusters, which you can watch from the comfort of your car.

The Yatala Drive-In, just off the highway in Yatala, would have to be one of the most popular and few surviving drive-in theatres in Queensland. We were lucky enough to be invited to bring one of our Mitsubishi Outlander’s to the premiere of Fast and Furious 6.

The venue itself is easy to find, and it is close to the famous Yatala Pies, and the BP Petrol station with a McDonalds and other fast-food outlets. Meaning that if you want to grab dinner beforehand, you’ll have plenty of kid family friendly options available.

There is also a 50’s diner style offering at the Drive-In, though it can get a little crowded before show time, but how can you say no to a choc-top ice-cream? When it comes to finding a spot to park your car, there are plenty of good vantage points to setup and get comfortable.

Don’t worry either if you think your car isn’t drive-in material. We saw cars of all shapes and sizes, with their occupants bringing chairs, blankets and pillows to top off the experience. And we recommend during this time of year to pack plenty of warm items, as it can get quick cold there.

Unlike a few years ago, where you had to attach the soundbox to your door or connect the audio to your antenna. The drive-in now broadcasts the audio for each screen, which means all you have to do is tune your radio to the right frequency to enjoy the audio through your car’s stereo / speakers.

Pricing is quite good compared to regular cinema ticket prices, with adults at $8 per film for 2+ movies, children 6+ just $5 and children under 5 are free. Which when you add up the cost of parking, tickets, then expensive cinema food, the drive-ins are a value packed alternative.

We had a fantastic time watching Fast and Furious 6 at the Yatala Drive-In’. If you’re looking for somewhere to go during the holidays or needing somewhere to go out with friends, it is a great way to enjoy the movies, in a different environment that’s as comfortable as you want it to be!

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