Behind the scenes: Motorama 4X4XMORE Club banner

Behind the scenes: Motorama 4X4XMORE Club

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Behind the scenes: Motorama 4X4XMORE Club

Queensland is built for 4WDs – and Brisbane has been driving Motorama 4X4s for over 50 years.

Motorama 4X4XMORE is more than just a destination to buy the latest 4WDs, off-road parts and accessories; it is a team of experts dedicated to living for adventure.

Motorama 4X4XMORE first launched with the concept store in Salisbury in 2000, complete with off-road testing track and 4WD gurus with comprehensive product knowledge on everything from the best tracks for beginners to which products have to be in the boot when your going on a serious off-road adventure.

The 2011 floods wiped out the 4X4XMORE dealership, but the rebuilt and refurbished dealerships in Moorooka, Springwood and Browns Plains took in the 4WD experts, and in 2015 4X4XMORE relaunched itself as an adventure club – helping hundreds of Motorama’s 4WD guests into trying out the functions and capabilities of their vehicles in real world off-road situations.

As a 4X4 club, the team from Motorama 4X4XMORE – which includes 4WD experts from each brand and dealership – take a select, rotating group of 4WD enthusiasts out in vehicles purchased from, or regularly serviced at, Motorama. This gives them a chance to explore South East Queensland in a way that isn’t accessible to just anyone – imagine driving straight onto the beach, or off road onto tracks that take you through the real scenic route to hidden spots normally unreachable by regular cars.

4X4XMORE is exploring the great South East, with trips to Double Island Point, Moreton Island, Gordon Country, Scenic Rim and many others – 4WD destinations proven to test out vehicles, and provide an all-round off-road education.

Motorama has partnered with Driver Safety Australia, bringing trainers along on each drive to give first time off-roaders a crash course (hopefully not literally) in how to drive once the tarmac stops. The experts then provide a demonstration in how to recover your vehicle from some of the most common off-road problems with a Q&A session for those wanting to pick the brains of our crew or the Driver Safety team.

It’s not all bumper-to-bumper traffic, there are stops to see the sights, take a selfie and let everyone stretch their legs. Along the way, UHF radios provided to each car allows the leader of the vehicle group to update anyone in the back of hazards coming up as well as act as tour guide along the track.​

The events are designed as a day trip with the family or friends, especially if you don’t have any experience off-road, or haven’t taken out your new car and put it into 4WD mode yet – to test out the 4X4 capabilities of vehicles in the Motorama range.

Motorama 4X4XMORE runs monthly events for our members during the year, and demand is very high – with spaces limited. For more information see the 4X4XMORE page, and if you’re thinking of upgrading to a 4WD – see the experts in-store at Motorama dealerships in Moorooka, Browns Plains and Springwood.

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