A Nature Escape on Your Doorstep: Springbrook National Park banner

A Nature Escape on Your Doorstep: Springbrook National Park

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Planning a Day Trip to Springbrook National Park

Living in Brisbane offers an abundance of natural wonders right at our doorstep, and one such gem is Springbrook National Park in south-east Queensland.

A perfect day trip destination, Springbrook promises an ideal balance of breathtaking scenery, outdoor activities, and a chance to connect with nature - all at your fingertips in less than two hours from Brisbane.

Getting There

From Brisbane, Springbrook National Park is accessed through the back of either Mudgeeraba or Advancetown depending on which side of the Hinze Dam you go. 

Springbrook Road is essentially an extended dead-end road cutting through the rainforest that terminates on the QLD-NSW border. If you head out on the western side of the dam via Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, you'll end up over the border but not before you pass Natural Bridge.

Rainforest Escape

Escape the summer heat in the embrace of the rainforest setting. The lush greenery and shade provide a refreshing break, making Springbrook a perfect destination year-round. Even in the cooler months, the park retains its beauty, offering a serene and peaceful retreat. Here's some of the best attractions that we recommend adding to your itinerary:

Twin Falls

The cooler atmosphere offers the benefit of being able to be active without overheating so don't miss Springbrook's numerous walking tracks and hiking opportunities. 

The 4km Twin Falls Circuit is a local favourite, offering a heart-pumping hike with a breathtaking section that takes you behind two enchanting waterfalls. 

Twin Falls is located towards the end of Springbrook Road so it makes for an energetic morning hike before finding a lunch spot on your way back north.

Purlingbrook Falls

Located just behind the township of Springbrook, Purlingbrook Falls is a jaw-dropper the first time you see it. 

The spectacular overhang is amplified by its verticality and looks just as epic from the top of the falls as it does from the base. 

If you're not up for a decent walk, you can head to one of the lookout points about 400 metres from the start, otherwise a round-trip hike to the bottom and back will take about 90 minutes to two hours. 

The trail can get a little slippery in wet weather so we recommend taking your time if rain has passed through recently.

Best of All Lookout

Shooting off from Springbrook Road just south of the Springbrook township, you'll find Repeater Station Road which leads to the edge of the QLD-NSW border and the panorama of Best of All Lookout. 

There is an immensity to your surroundings here as the view that stretches into New South Wales radiates an almost "edge-of-the-world" vibe. 

Natural Bridge

One of the most popular attractions found in Springbrook National Park is the iconic rock formation known as Natural Bridge. 

The flow of Cave Creek has eroded the roof of the ancient basalt cave over millennia to form an interior waterfall and natural pool flanked closely by the lush rainforest. 

The walk to reach Natural Bridge is a gentle one-kilometre circuit that takes you right into the heart of the cave. 

If you don't mind driving back after dark, we highly recommend checking out Natural Bridge just after sunset when the glow worms make an appearance. It turns an already exciting destination into an other-worldly experience that the kids will love. 

Picnic Bliss

While there are a few cafes scattered along the route, we recommend taking advantage of the well-maintained picnic and day-use areas scattered throughout the park. Complete with toilets, sheltered picnic spots, and electric barbecues, these areas provide a perfect setting for a leisurely picnic. 

Educational Fun for Kids

Families with children will appreciate the opportunity for outdoor education. The park's diverse flora and fauna provide a rich learning environment. Over 100 species of birds, frogs, reptiles, and unique plant and tree species call this place home. Kids might even catch a glimpse of pademelons and rainforest wallabies during their exploration.

Guided Insights

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the park's ecology and history, guided tours led by local rangers are available. Gain valuable insights into the park's wildlife and ecosystem, adding an educational layer to your day trip. Check out this Trip Advisor list of some great tours to join.

Scenic Drive

As a purveyor of cars, we couldn't forego mentioning the picturesque and often winding roads through the forest that form the route to these destinations. A scenic drive through the national park sets the mood for the day, with lush landscapes unfolding around every bend. Just take note of some road changes in the area, including potential roadworks on both Gold Coast-Springbrook Road and Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.

Extend Your Trip Overnight:

While day trips are fantastic, some might want to extend their stay. Camping is permitted at The Settlement within the park, and there are also privately run campgrounds, guesthouses, lodges, and bed and breakfasts nearby. Staying overnight presents the opportunity to witness the magical glow worms at Natural Bridge during the night—a unique experience not to be missed.

So the next time you're looking for something inexpensive with which to fill out your weekend, build a day's itinerary around the natural wonders of Springbrook National Park.

From hiking trails to wildlife encounters, picnics to guided tours, a Springbrook day's adventure in your own backyard.

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