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5 Beach Driving Tips From The Pro's

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5 Beach Driving Tips From The Pro's

When you're heading of to the beach with your 4X4 it's wise to come prepared. Know the Top 3 Beach Driving Tips, how to deflate your tyres and choose the right tyre pressureand how to prevent rust for when you've driven through salt water are just a few of the basics.  

​If you're going on a tag-along tour with our 4X4XMORE Club our experienced instructors will teach you some essential recovery techniques as well, but if you want to go out on your own and visit some of the destinations in our Adventure Guide it definitely doesn't hurt to get some more expert advice. 

That's why we hopped in the car with Jason from Driver Safety Australia on our last 4X4XMORE Club trip to Moreton Island. He showed us 5 tips for driving on the beach that only the pro's know.

Steering and Position:

Don't hold the steering wheel at 10-2 when driving on the beach or let your legs bang around. Jason shows how to properly hold your steering wheel and position your legs.

​Braking on sand:

Unlike when driving on tarmac, braking hard on sand can have severe consequences. Jason explains why keeping your distance is even more important on the beach.

Beach to Inland Track:

Driving on the beach might be easy when the sand is compact, but at some point you'll probably need to go inland. Jason shows us how to tackle the soft on-ramps.

Soft Sand:

When it hasn't rained for a while the sand on inland tracks (and on the beach) can get very soft - sometimes almost like powder. Jason tells us about momentum, the right gear and safety.

Inward Steering:

An insider tip from the professional, exclusively for the Motorama 4X4XMORE Club. Jason explains 'inward steering' to make the ride on a bumpy sand track more comfortable.

Want  more tips and tricks on how to use your 4X4? Join the 4X4XMORE Club on a tag-along tour or on their camping weekend to Gordon Country.  

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