• Motorama Brisbane Recalls Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi Kia Ford Holden HSV Affected Manufacturer New Used Demonstrator Demo Car Sales Specials

    Recalls: What to do?

    Posted 26 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    Car manufacturers will send a recall notice to you if your cars Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or build date model has been affected.

    If you’re afraid that your car has been affected by a recall, but haven’t been contacted by your manufacturer, here are a few tips on what to do.

  • Motorama Kia Browns Plains Hillcrest Moorooka Sportage SUV 2WD AWD Wagon Compact Crossover New Used Demonstrator Car Sales Specials Series II

    Review: Kia Sportage Si Premium

    Posted 22 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    It’s hard to believe that Australians have been buying the Kia Sportage for nearly 20 years.

    The current generation, on sale since 2010 and updated in 2013, has made the most impact on customers in terms of style, comfort and convenience. The mid-range Si Premium and the top-of-the-line Platinum have consistently been the top sellers for the Korean brand, so we got out in them both to test-drive two of the hottest entries in the compact SUV market.

  • Motorama Brisbane Moorooka Browns Plains Springwood Hillcrest Toyota Mitsubishi Ford Kia Nissan Holden HSV New Used Demo Demonstrator Car Sales Specials Six Position Sell Customer Service Review Feedback

    Motorama's '6 Position' Competition Winners!

    Posted 21 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    At Motorama, we pride ourselves on having sales people with expert knowledge on everything automotive who can provide a cool guest experience for you as a customer!

    That’s why we developed the 6 Position Competition, where our sales people are put to the test with customers to see whether they are providing the best customer service on six key points of providing outstanding service.

  • Motorama Brisbane Moorooka Browns Plains Hillcrest Springwood Fleet Business Management Vehicles Cars Ute SUV 4WD Van Tax FBT Fringe Benefit Tax Lifecycle Costs Whole Life Maintenance Service Sales Specials

    Extending your fleet lifecycle

    Posted 20 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    If your business is under pressure to reduce operating costs, it’s easy to look for short-term savings. If you have one or more business use vehicles, one of the perceived ways to do this is to extend the life of your vehicles, so that you can get some more use before the costly outlay of upgrading to cars or trucks.

  • Motorama Brisbane Child Car Safety Seats ISOFix Baby Toddler Safety Drive Accident Crash Car Sales Specials Buyer Advice

    Isofix 101: The case for safer child car seats

    Posted 19 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    Australia has recently adopted the Isofix standard for child seats.

    With research by Monash University’s Accident Research Centre showing that approximately 80% of the current style of child car seats incorrectly installed in Australia, and heralded as a safer alternative to the current Australian standard; what makes Isofix compliant seats different?

  • Motorama Brisbane Small Business Solutions Fringe Benefit Tax Credit GST FBT Leasing Novated Salary Sacrifice New Used Demonstrator Car Van Ute Sales Specials

    Accelerated depreciation for small businesses explained

    Posted 18 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    The 2015 federal budget is aimed at stimulating growth, particularly from small businesses spending and investing money within Australia.

    In addition in a reduction of the company tax rate, the threshold for immediately deductible items has been raised from $1,000 to $20,000; meaning that any equipment purchased for your business (including cars) will be written off on your tax until 2017.

  • Motorama Nissan Browns Plains Hillcrest X Trail X-Trail SUV 4WD 2WD New Car Sales Specials Community Partnership Program Sponsorship

    Motorama Nissan Supports ChaplainWatch

    Posted 14 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    ChaplainWatch is an independent charity focused on public safety in public places overnight in the entertainment precincts. Their motivation is to watch out for you when good times go bad.

    When last years devastating hailstorm wrote off their vehicles, ChaplainWatch were left underinsured to replace them, leaving them unable to continue their important work.

  • Motorama Brisbane Digital Radio In Car Stereo Display Bluetooth Audio DAB Plus Sound New Car Sales Specials

    DAB+ Digital Radio: The Next Generation

    Posted 11 May 2015 12:00 AM by Jesse McHugh

    A lot of people are talking about Digital Radio.

    Whether you’re on the eight ball or have never even heard of the service before, this article will provide you with the info about the revolutionary digital radio that you need to know to make the most of it. Your car might even be compatible!

  • Motorama Mitsubishi Moorooka Browns Plains Hillcrest Springwood Triton MQ Review New Car Launch Ute SUV 4WD 2015 2016 MY16 Review Sales Specials

    Review: Mitsubishi MY16 Triton GLS

    Posted 8 May 2015 12:00 AM by Daniel Backhaus

    The humble ute is in a time of transformation. Where pick-ups were once seen as a vehicle exclusively for “work”, the ute is now expected to be comfortable and spacious enough to handle duties when off the clock as well.

    We got out on the road in new MY16 Triton GLS double cab 4WD to see if it has stepped up to meet the challenge of work and play.

  • Motorama Brisbane Traffic Parking Travel Learner Driver App iPhone Tips

    Everyday driving apps

    Posted 4 May 2015 12:00 AM by Jesse McHugh

    Ever found yourself wondering “why isn’t there an app for that?”

    We have found 5 brilliant apps on the Australian app store that can help you get from A to B safely, on time and with a car spot!

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