Complimentary Extra's

Even Better Value with our Complimentary Extra's

When servicing with Motorama Tyre & Service, you can now access a range of complimentary extra's as part of your service experience.

Your car will receive an Exterior Car Wash, using our state-of-the-art WashTec machine, giving your car it's shine back without scratching your paintwork.

We check your Windscreen Wipers - having properly functioning windscreen wipers is essential to maintain visibility on the road during heavy rainfall.

Our experienced mechanics will also do a Battery Life Test to check if your battery charges properly and can retain it's charge. These are key indicators that your battery maybe on it's way out & save you the hassle of a flat battery in the coming months.

We will perform a Tyre Safety Check, checking the wear & tear, thread level and overall condition of your tyres.

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