Rotate & Balance.

Heavy steering? Steering vibrating? Pulling to the side?

As a tyres ages, its weight distribution may change and become unbalanced. An unbalanced wheel or wheels can cause premature wear to tyres, struts, bearings, shock absorbers and contribute to poor fuel consumption. This creates unnecessary expense through premature wear and tear.

Your tyres will also wear at differing rates. To maximise your tyre life, our expert technicians recommend rotating your tyres every 2 years.

What are the benefits?

With Motorama’s rotate & balance, we ensure that your tyres and wheels are performing as they should.

A wheel balance will tweak your tyres to ensure they are an the optimal balance. Our tyre rotation will rotate your tyres to ensure a more even tread wear, prolonging their life.

If your car has any of these symptoms, contact us today.