Member Manual

Our Motopool Concierge Team is here to help with any questions you might have, however most of the most obvious or simple ones you will find covered here in our Motopool Member Manual.

Guide to Fees


Subscription Plan Fee – this is your weekly fee that is payable each week for your access to the service. It is based on the different plan you choose.
Car Fee – this is added on to your subscription plan fee and is based on the car that you select.
Weekly Advertised Fee per Car – the fee advertised per week for each car is the combination of the Plan Fee and the Car Fee
Joining Fee – this is a one-time fee that is payable upon joining the Motopool subscription and is $250
Security Deposit – this is a refundable security deposit that may be charged to commence your subscription
Ancillary Fees – This refers to any additional charges incurred by an account holder or their additional driver as a result of the use of the Motopool service. This includes but is not limited to infringement notices, speeding tickets, tolls, fuel, excess KM’s and additional cleaning charges.

KM Allowance Guide


Your Motopool subscription comes with between 250 – 750 KM’s per week depending on the plan that your are on. If you exceed the KM allowance then you will be charged an additional KM charge at $0.30c per KM. These charges are recorded and processed in line with your billing cycle.

Fuel Charges


As part of the Motopool service you will always receive your car full of fuel and ready to go. As part of the service you are able to hand back the car without a full tank of fuel – Motopool will simply charge you for the fuel to refill the tank. The below are the standard rates as at today that you will be charged for fuel:

Unleaded Petrol – $1.65

Premium Unleaded Petrol – $1.80

Diesel – $1.65

Availability of Vehicles


While Motopool always endeavors to give customers the ability to choose any of the cars on the website, there are times when certain cars may be in popular demand and as a consequence unavailable. Motopool’s commitment to our customers is that we will always work with them to ensure we can give them access to a comparable car in the event that a certain car is not available to them.

Additional Drivers


As part of the service you are able to add additional drivers to your Motopool subscription. To do so we simply need them to be eligible as per the membership agreement and to collect their details so we can update them in our system. There is a $10 charge per week added to your subscription for each additional driver you wish to include.

Use of Vehicle


Motopool cars must always be used in a safe manner and you must always comply with any relevant road rules, laws or vehicles manuals that exist. For more specific information about your obligations as to how to use the cars please consult your membership agreement.
Each car also comes with its own Manufacturer Manual which located in the glove box will give you specific information about use of and operating the car that you are driving along with the Motopool Welcome Pack you receive.

Swapping Cars


With a Motopool subscription you can swap cars at certain times depending on the plan that you have chosen. In addition to this if you would like to swap cars outside of the allowed periods then you can do so at anytime for a fee of $300.

What if I have an accident or cause damage?

  • Firstly call 000 if anybody is hurt or if you think drugs or alcohol may be involved or the other party to the accident refuses to exchange contact details.
  • Call us on 07 3884 9494 to report the accident. If the car is driveable you can continue on your way and notify us when you can or send us an email including your details, the car’s rego and a brief message around the damage/accident.
  • Be sure to get all the information at the scene of the accident including the registration numbers of any vehicles involved, driver’s details including the full name, license number, their insurer, address, phone number and date of birth. Please also get the details of any witness’s to the accident and photographs that may be helpful. If the police have been called please ensure you also get the police report number and the name of the officers attending. These can be sent to:

What about a breakdown - Roadside Assist


If you have any mechanical issues while using your car including a flat tyre or drained battery please contact our relevant roadside assist provider based on the type of car you are in. Please quote your rego number and remain with the vehicle until this is resolved.

  • New MG – 1800 64 22 77
  • New Jeep – 1800 102 277
  • New Kia – 131 542
  • New Mitsubishi – 1300 131 211
  • New Nissan - 1800 035 035
  • Used Vehicle Any Brand – 1300 302 500