Taking Care of Your Business Finance

Independent Finance Broker

In 2018, Motorama established their own independent Finance Brokerage team called FinanceBeagle. Our specialist team is all about sniffing out the best finance deal for you. Read more about FinanceBeagle on our blog and let the FinanceBeagle team sniff out the best deals whether you’re searching for a car or finance, all while you relax at home.

Over 30 Lenders

As a Motorama fleet customer, FinanceBeagle gives you access to a range of more than 30 lenders so we are more likely to find an exact solution for you and your business.

More Finance Choices

We can set up a whole range of vehicle finance products for you from Chattel Mortgage through to Operating Lease with Master Limits and offer full fleet refinancing options.

Other Finance Needs

Once you know us and we know your business, we are then perfectly positioned to help you with any other finance needs – including business loans or commercial equipment finance.