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Highly Recommended Products to Protect Your New Toyota

Hello, I'm Danielle Treadgold, the Customer Service Manager at Motorama Toyota Moorooka and I'm here to assist choosing the products that will extend the life, condition and value of your new car.

There are many products on the market that all do a similar job. As a business that retails thousands of cars every year, we have narrowed down the choices to just a handful of our reliable and great value products, from our most trusted suppliers.

Please reach out to me on 0416 683 790 or 3000 9727 if you'd like any more information or assistance.


Dani Treadgold | Customer Service Manager

Motorama Toyota Moorooka

Choose from our exclusive range of aftermarket accessories or combine your options and save:

Dash Cam

Helps to recall traffic incidents & number plates in the event of a car accident or road rage incident.

Gold Package | $3095

Plus your choice of either;

  • Corrosion Control (Electronic Corrosion Inhibitor)
  • Dash Cam (Front & Rear)

Silver Package | $2495

Plus your choice of either;

  • Window Tint Film
  • Dash Cam (Front only)

Bronze Package | $1795

  • Exoshield Paint Protection
  • Corrosion Control (Electronic Corrosion Inhibitor)

    With Complimentary;
  • Window Tint Film
  • Car Shampoo
  • Genuine Toyota Weather Shields